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It is there in the Settings tab. In top right corner there. The game is currently, abandoned/on-hold for further development only in it's early alpha state.

You might need to Restart the game (Losing All Progress) to see the effect. From the new patch.

Thanks for the feedback. I am considering changing it to "All hired Managers grant 2 free workers." in a very near future. Have been receiving the same opinion from a lot of players.

Game must have loaded multiple times somehow and applied the time away compensation many times too. A patch to fix the other issues are on the way. Thanks for reporting. The issue seems very specific but i will keep this in mind.

Post your bugs here and i will try to immediately respond to it.

There are a lot of changes underneath this version. A Reset is required. There seems to many bugs popping up as well. I will try to be patching them soon. I recommend waiting a few patches until things settle.

I will be looking into this. I am reworking the game from scratch now to fix a lot of things provide many times the performance. 

It sounds like the issue you mentioned could be a result of game running multiple times at the start. So adding it up multiple times. Could be some slow down or lag issue. If that is the case though i will try to add condition to the game to prevent that from happening. Thanks a lot for reporting the bug ! I will look into it soon once many other issues i am working on is solved. 

The leveling system seems broken as it got exponential requirement for experience required for next level. But the xp generation from talents and clicks are too low to keep up with it. There will be a more refined and fine tuned leveling system in upcoming patch. I am sorry that you have gotten stuck with it for now. It will be addressed or atleast get a lot better in the upcoming patches.

Version 0.2 could be up shortly !

The new version contains the following changes :

  • Reduced resource consumption. Improved performance.
  •  Support for Mobile. It will go live quite soon.

If there are any bugs, feel free to mention them.  

Thanks for the support. There will be more added to the game in the coming weeks !

Thanks for the feedback. This issue is under the highlight now. Will be addressed in one of the upcoming patches.

Tell us what you like and hate about the game.

Still, thanks a lot for reporting this anyway. Maybe in future i will be able to clear this out.

I am not sure how to fix this right now. I do not know enough to solve this issue for now.

Thanks for making the video. Glad that you are having fun !
This is just the v0.1 alpha, so there will be more incoming soon !

Where and when is this error shown ? Can you show me a screenshot if you can ?

It could be an issue with one of the Chrome extensions. Your Edge might be fully clean with no extensions or add-ons. That could be the case.

You can try to disable each or all of the extensions temporarily and restart the browser to see if you can get it working in Chrome. Hope that works.

Can you tell me which browser are you using ? Tell me more details and i will gladly check it out.

Clearing the browser cache could solve it sometimes. But beware, it could remove them for all your websites and other games.

Try refreshing a couple of times to and also try  waiting for the loading to complete. Does the loading bar atleast shows up or is it always blank ?

Very Cool !

Very good game so far.

Nice game !