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i noticed this after submitting that theres a bug that prevents from going to level 4 so sorry about that. Also boundaries is actually a good idea it just didnt occurred to me while making the game .

Actually I am aiming for a  different game but then realized it wasn't good so I restarted and made this ,so due to time constraint i took the same PlayerMove scripts thus this issue.

Noted :>

great game visually and sound wize ,but its too dark also it would be great if u could add option to see map and current location like in amoung us

i tried chrome and edge reloading multiple times but no luck.

good game ,its amazing you did it in 48 hrs.Also personally i liked the movement ,ike it could be made more engaging but the current is preety fun.

Man the game is good and the sound is just amazing

is this endless? nice game but it gets boring preety soon.

good game,enjoyed it simple but nice pixel art ,but music was too repetative like try atleast 30sec of clip for looping from next time.

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just wondering ,did u use space to speed up? Also Thx :> P.S. I just realized how hard it is using trackpad ,didn't realized that as I used mouse.Will solve this if I make a postjam version.

is level 10 even possibe,btw nice controls and particle effects, great work :>

Its too tough,maybe not for others as much as procedurally generated

maybe this is in my side or major glitch due to time crunch but it just stays at start in the pipe

great game,kinda hoped for more level but guess thats game jam :>,also how did u do the killing shadows like did u create a child to each which grows in x direction or something?

I think the bug appear is too less ,wind effect is pretty cool though.Also after some time when speed increases too much the grass starts looking kinda bad .Background was really good with parallax and all.Though I feel u have made much better games and u could have done more in 3 days because because I don't think the infinity run wouldn't take much time cuz u have already done that in citrous intolerance.Still good job and keep making games.😁😁

Great Game .Loved it .The sudden slowing down of ball when it touvhes ends is actually kinda cool effect.The Art Design is also great.Great Job.