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A gente ia colocar um tutorial para explicar certinho como funcionavam as mecânicas mas acabamos ficando sem tempo por causa da votação KKKK Daí acabamos explicando só na postagem do, mas parece que não puxou as instruções aqui =p
Então, a ideia era que um encontro vale muito mais do que dois ao mesmo tempo, algo assim auhauhaua

Heya! Thank you for the feedback. I'm really glad you could enjoy the game (:

I had lots of sound problems because Construct is a pain in the @ss to handle some problems, mainly related to sound volume and stuff. That's the reason I didn't finish the options button btw haha
The falling sound got me anoyed too, I was considering changing it's volume and make it vary a little more. But I got the conclusion it wasn't worth the work for a testing version of the game. If we decide to finish developing the game we'll probably do that on Unity, and that itself already makes it so more confortable to work with sounds. I hear you tho, I know there are lots of volume and audio problems on the project (I just wish I had the time to make the sounds myself).
About the jump, it's a funny story. The first version of the game had the normal instant jump (you can check it here if you want: ) and for me it was working perfectly. As I was validating the game tho, I used a metho called Fly on the Wall (where I watched people playing the game avoiding saying anything), and the 'double jump' puzzle was just too dificult. People would get stuck in there and give up on playing it. So I started telling people what they had to do and they couldn't make it anyway (maybe for lacking of action gaming skills?). To "help" those people I changed the jump action so it'd be on button release. I did this cuz if the player was trying to jump and change places with the beacon, I could know that and make it jump higher anyway. You can actually see that on the game: if you are holding jump and change place with the beacon the game will force a jump in the end. It seems I didn't let it clear on the gameplay and the new jumping system become really unintuitive. I've seen many people failing on basic jumps because of timing and etc...
A fix for this would be maybe create a difference between jump forces as you said or maybe allowing both ways of jumping? Idk yet what the best option would be haha

Thank you a lot for your time on testing/answering/commenting. I really appreciate it and it really helps to make a better experience for this or new games!

Heya! Thank you for the comment.
I'm currently testing another build with a new map. Feel free to test it!

Hey, thank you for the feedback and sorry for the delay on answering it.
I'm currently testing another build, feel free to test it.

Hey! Thank you for the comment! (And sorry for the delay to answer it lol)

I'm currently testing a new build now, feel free to try it!
The art is a bit more polished and there's a new map as well.

Heya! Thank you for the comment and sorry for the delay to answer it. I'm now trying another build of the game with more intuitive puzzles (i think lol)
Give it a second try ;

Hey! I'm just trying a new build for the game! Feel free to test it again ;)

Hello! Thank you for the feedback!

The first build was made with instant jump (you can access it to see how it works here: ). As I'm using this game as a University project for validating it's experience, I realized that there are lots of people (mainly people who don't play 'action' games too often) have some difficulties on performing the "double jump" puzzle. This jumpstyle was made as a test to see if this would help as a crutch for those people as the double jump will happen at maximum "jump speed" if you're pressing the jump button even if you didn't jump. Appreciate your feedback on it tho... I tried observing people playing and the jump mechanic really made the game a bit truncated and your comment just reforces that idea.

Hello guys! I'm Joe and I'm making a game for a university project called Momo's Adventure. The game started on the Weekly Game Jam #42 and now I'm trying to validate it, so I'm looking for someone who can spend 10 minutes to play this demo version and give me a feedback into a Google Forms (Pretty small one, don't worry).

Here's the game link:
Here's the form:

I really liked the animation and the music!

Pretty short but the pacing was perfect.

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Hello, sailors!
I've been trying to venture through this ocean of Game Jams but I just realized it'll be really hard to do it alone.

I'm Joe and I'm from the far lands of Brazil. I'm one-third programmer/one-third artist/one-third musician (better programmer tho) who just need some friends to accomplish the impossible. I'm also a decent english speaker with a bad accent who likes beer and bad jokes and I promise you I'll give my everything on any Game Jam we join.

So whoever has some spare time for participating on a Game Jam soon or already has a crew who's lacking a Unity programmer, leave a message bottled on this topic!