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Thank you for the feedback! I do agree that the movement is a bit wonky atm. I also haven’t been able to fix the lighting issue, but I will in the near future.

I really like the concept, and the puzzle aspect of the game. And it really has a nice touch with the slippery-ness, making the game a little more difficult. The incorporation of the limitation also fit pretty well. You did a pretty good job :D

Oh, I wasn’t very clear on the unfinished parts of the game. Sorry for the questionable gameplay.

  • The lighting doesn’t hurt the player yet. I haven’t been able to fix it yet. I will in the near future! :D 
  • I want to add more enemies and hazards to make the game more full and finished as well.

Thank you to whoever played and rated my game so far, I have taken the feedback and will finish the game.

I loved this game and it's approach to the doodle theme! The movement is a bit slow, but it make the player put more thought into how they move. I do wish there was cute sound effects to match. But overall, it's a great game.

Really cute game!

Really cute and smol game, and it's fun to play!