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It should be on pico-8 if you search for it in splore :)

Yep :) that's an ending, once you see the cats you know it's over

Thanks for playing my games! I appreciate it <3

dang you're right it does scroll, I thought I fixed that (it even scrolls on safari;/firefox)
I would try just with WASD for now

thanks uwu

thank u!
I used two layers- one's a simple circle mask, its like erased from a big black layer

and the other is premade dither sprites on a larger grid, It places different shades (or nothing) based on the distance to the lantern

(if that makes sense)

Thank you! <3

We really pushed p5.js it to the limits with this one, but I'm sure there's a lot more optimization we could have done :D

100/10 absolutely loved it

Its a web game :D the download is just the code

these are truly sad time :(
(I bought it anyway)

In the p5.js editor, if you're signed in, you can go to 'File' and then 'Download' and you should get a file with ' .zip' at the end. create a new project on and upload the '.zip' file, and select 'this file will be played in the browser', and you should be good to go :)

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This is my high score so far :) let me know if you get any higher!

I don't code in the p5 editor but if you do you can download it as a zip file (go to file>download), and all you need to do is upload that zip to your project and select it to be played in the browser :)

This was a cute game, I like birds a lot :)

Absolutely adorable

I have a 2d game just like this, but yours is much better!

I've been following the progress of this for a while, and it looks beautiful!

sadly when I play it on Mac the screen is all glitchy with red yellow and green noise :'( and my ps4 controller seems to have broken controls (the chomp moves you to the left and the roll only goes down)

it won't let me select any buttons in the menu either :'(

Amazing! I really love the aesthetic

Some good birds as an example :)

This was very well done, and fun to play!

I agree, more will come soon!

Sadly pico-8’s controlls aren’t configurable, the best way to play is with gamepads, which allows 4 players to play. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that many lying around. Different weapons is a good idea, I was thinking about adding powerups that drop from the celing...

Its something that I've definitely wanted to work on