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Thank you!! The force gets greater as the stick pulls back but i made it fast since its timed

I also made a one pocket pool game (it's called one hole pool but its close enough)

I think you did a better job of implementing it; having it in a circle with a moving hole was a good idea

I agree! I ended up having to implement this system in like 10 minutes >.< I was originally going to have a character that could pickup and throw the ball which would have been way more fun, but I ran out of time :((

I agree, more will come soon!

Sadly pico-8’s controlls aren’t configurable, the best way to play is with gamepads, which allows 4 players to play. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that many lying around. Different weapons is a good idea, I was thinking about adding powerups that drop from the celing...

Its something that I've definitely wanted to work on