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I play on linux with wine with 0 issues

How dare you make me cry

très bon jeu je note Deez/Deez

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Commenting here too
Short sweet and good quality, what's not to like

This slaps !
Love the OAO level's music and level of difficulty.

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A linux version would be lovely, some characters are not visible with wine.
I love the aesthetic, it reminds me of playing the scary sections of Harry Potter games on my old toaster of a PC =)
Not joking or saying it lightly : it reminds me of Dark Souls' atmosphere as well.
I also dreamed I played  a vastly expanded version of this game after a very short session, so it seems it left quite the impact !

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Really really really hard, I'm not so good at bullet hells but this is probably harder than anything in Jamestown below Judgement.
And the first two phases are probably harder than the rest of the game !

Don't really like that the boss just dies by himself as positioning yourself to be able to hit it makes the game significantly harder.

Very nice graphic touch. love the ship designs and the rain/ether trails really take you into the game.
I really really like the music sync.  It's what  really made the game enjoyable for me. Good job on the composition also ! It's been stuck in my head for the last two days.

Overall this is very very solid for a 3-days solo project and I wish you'd make a full level of this :)


Thanks a lot for your thorough review !
I can't believe you beat it. Thanks a lot.
That's funny, I thought I made the charge shot too powerful.. have you tried charging for a long time ? I'll play and adjust accordingly.