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Interesting but as time went by, the game was just getting easier and easier. Good job tough, I love the building destruction sound effect XD

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great look but no gameplay :(

for sure I would play it if it get finished

Easy but very entertaining to play little puzles

I'm finaly trying it ! I would have liked to do it sooner but I'm working a lot + school.

I don't know if you took this on account but when you slash it go to where your mouse is pointing, I should have precised this in the game.

Yea I need to learn how to put good sound in games.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes thanks you very much, I was very nervous about it.

you should put a button in the game to see the controls

i'm one edge because someone broke my account so I can't go on google

Good game but to hard for me (normaly i'm good at platformers).

thanks but still a black screen on both.

I d'ont know how much it counts in the theme but it does. I love hard games (even more when I finish them ;) ).  Best game so far because it's the first that i saw without bugs and also the first that I managed to finish.

The falling effect is a bit weard but didn't realy mattered

I don't know why but on the home page I see nothing other than the comments

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I don't love that sometimes we can't move because I always die at the second group of spike because I can't move when under them. And also if you would fall at the same speed when falling off a block vs jumping it would be great.

I don't know the link with the theme and also, i got blocked after the hyperactive pipe just at the start

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I wasn't able to fire, i'm on window 10. I tryied almost every button on my keboard and every button on my mouse. Still potential in the game. I don't know why but I was not a ble to put a comment,

I wasn't able to fire, i'm on window 10. I tryied almost every button on my keboard and every button on my mouse.

The gameis good but I don't l know if it respect the theme of trusting no one

because we need to trust half of the pannels.

The game is good but i don't know if it's intended but the pea don't damage you and your character become white even if no damage is taken when touching an ennemie. Also sometimes, below the platform there is a line of a different colour. 

Where are the walls?

Hum, I did the main menu and i'm bad at graphics so im searching ideas to go arround.

yea I feared a bit that

Very good for me it only need more optimisations 90 out of 100.

When i wanth to extract or open the folder it said that it have nothing in, please help me

It was a bug from my computer, its okay now, thanks

The game dont wanth to download and I am window 10 and 64 bits