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Thanks so much! Glad you liked it

Hey, thanks so much! I will definitely make more games. These words means alot to me

Hey thanks for playing it! Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, however i didn't think you could play this game with a touch screen, turns out mouse input is the same as touch input. Well, glad you liked it!

DUDE! This game is SICK! Even in the demo, the retro art style, the arcade machine feel and the diversity of characters, it feels so ranged. As a person who's never played a nintendo or mario game before, this game somehow brings me nostalgia, and that's a great thing. I can't wait to see the finished result. (Also i love the inclusion of Rayman and oddly Luke Skywalker)

Great suggestion! Thanks. I'll probably add a force pull/force push

If you want to download the game, you can do so here:

Hey Guys! 

This is the Second Version of the game with fixed bugs, and the score actually resetting.

The map has also experienced some changes. 

I am planning to make a final update soon, so if you have any suggestions for the final update, please let me know!


Thanks, Glad you liked it!


The best part about finishing a game is that you can start a new project

The worst part about finishing a game is that you have to start a new project

I guess that says a lot about game developers. I can't wait to see your FPS game, i'm sure it's going to be amazing. 

Good Luck!

And that kids, is how Rey's Dad was born

Amazing fan fiction

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Sure! Im making a better version of this with added content and fixed bugs, which i will make playable in the browser and downloadable. Thanks for playing it!

Sick man! I did the same tutorial with brackeys, and i really like how you expanded upon this game. Keep it going! 

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Star Wars: Order 66

Re-enact your favourite scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and slice-and-dice some younglings in this brand new  Star Wars game; Star Wars: Order 66

Due to it being highly requested, I made a game based of the infamous scene in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, where Anakin Skywalker cold-heartedly kills all of the children.  The game uses a retro indie pixel art style and is all meant to be taken light-heartedly (even though it's got children being SLICED-AND-DICED) In this game, you get to play as Anakin Skywalker and storm the jedi temple, and kill those younglings!

I know what your thinking, and yes, this game is a little bit violent. No, it is very violent.  But don't worry, it's not disturbing and it won't

make you gag due to the cute pixel art style. I drew all the characters, but I am giving credit to the background that came part of the mythic church pack on the Unity Asset store, and the music coming from YouTube.

Here is a link to my game. It's not the best, so please provide any feedback so i can improve!

Also I plan to release a YouTube video soon, discussing how and why i made the game.

This is the cutest thing ever omg!

Great Job! The game is very well polished

I like the new levels. One thing, you should also make it so you can play with arrow keys. You can go into project settings, and go into input, and where it says horizontal, add the alternate keys to the arrow keys. Also, do you have discord? I'd like to friend you and give you some tips

This is really good! I did the same  tutorial as well. Great job!

Awesome Game, Very addictive

Just updated it to version 1.1. Fixed Bugs, made the camera larger, and increased the damage of the bullets by 1.5%