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Also, question. Its just a theory, but does Lynn perchance have a part of Divilethion within himself, or something along those lines? And if so, is that the narrator? Like it's the subconciuos evil in Lynn narrating the whole thing?

Is it wrong to say that I REALLY want a part 2 to the run away with brohter ending? Because gosh I'm just so captured by this game. And I love Lynn, I wanna see more of him and his sociopathic self!

It worked! Thanks for the help.

Hey guys, I've played your other game before, and was really interested in this game when it was announced since I've seen how good you guys are at what you do. So I went to play the demo on my mac and I noticed how unless I'm on the main menu, (the first page that pops up when the game launches), I can't click on anything. For example, on the main menu I clicked Options, and from there it took me to a screen to where I could change text speed and other things. So I tried to drag to change the text speed and it didn't work. I tried the back button and nothing happened. I hope this comment gets your attention so you can hopefully see what's wrong. Can't wait to play the game once it's fixed!