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Thank you very much for a constructive opinion, We could not get the time to improve the comfort of playing by running out of time to make the game part. It was valuable point and We got very helpful. If we join Jam next time we want to be  able  to change a window size players arbitrarily. Thank you for playing and saying your opinion!!

Wow!! Thank you for doing such a nice evaluation. I definitely think that this game is weird game xD. And tomatoes are traps actuary,tomato-free spam protection will be with you and your Boyfriend.

I'm really sorry.We had put  aside part pf the plan from the begining to make version of Android,but we did not have enough time.But even after Jam is over I want to make Android version.

Thank you for having our graphics praised,We wanted everyone to see the scene what SPAM reach the sky.xD

May SPAM be with you......xD. T

hank you for plaing our game.

We could not resist the desire to increase spam. Thank you for playing our spamgamexD.

I felt that a spam cuisine game had more spam than a spamming keys game. Thank for playing our spamgame xD ありがとう。


ゆかめんのへんかとぶれすの いんがかんけいがわかりづらくなったと


とてもきちょうないけんをありがとうございます! itch のこめんとらんはなぜかにほんごにへんかんすると もじがぐちゃぐちゃになってしまったので ひらながで しつれいします。


Hi,thank you for your comment and playing. As actually you pointed out,controls are floaty.

We had not consider the point,we want to make a new game that played good feeling when the charactor is moving.

Thanks again I am grad  that you got avery important opinion.

Thank you for playing and leave a comment.

We spent too much time trying to play a game that works  dynamic and we have never reached a sophisticated level design but I'm grad if you enjoyed it.

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Thank you  for your nicecomment! We are grad that you  liked our game graphics. 

Music was used by the site that provides creators with great music named MAOUDAMASII.

This site has plenty of amazing music.


I am glad that I receive so many opinions.

This Gamejam that’ll make up a game in 72hours according to the theme of “Temperature” so all the production processes are proceeding at the same time and the level design At the stage of deciding the interestingness of the game become sweet. This is directly linked in game production,so we feel regretful.

ありがとう!Our team graphicker drew  super かわいい arts.


Sorry,we have to make more  tutrials and explanes in the game.

Everyone said "I don't know how to play" That's is our  biggest improvement this time.

But thank you download and play and valuable comment. We'll going to make a more easy-to-play game next time.

Hi, thank you for your playing and comment. We should have more instruction in the game......

 I'm grad you play the game deeply. 72 relatively high points I think!  

If the dragons mood is more good it'll be higher :D

Visual was made by Mutuba. Her artworks are very cute. We are grad you to like them, thank you.

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Hi,I'm a menber of this game.Thanks for your playing and comments ,and I'm soory to  lack of some instructions. We now realize we didn't have enough  tutorial.

Year...we didn't have enough time to write animation sprits...and we  decided to focus on the necessary parts.

I am glad that you enjoyed the game graphics.