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Super Space Hero

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Both co-op and the controls are in there , but the co-op isn't explicitly mentioned, and the controls shown are only for the keyboard (though I'll list the controls on the page itself). The UI for co-op didn't end up getting completed, but you can press a button on a controller and they'll take control of the second toy.

We've got these things taken care of in a version we'll be uploading this weekend. Thanks for playing in the meantime.

With a visual style that makes it easy to tell what's what, audio that is just right for the visuals, and easy-to-learn gameplay, this game is enjoyable all the way through.

Admittedly, I forgot about the rewind buttond and ended up just waiting for the level to spin back around, but the fact that it was fun that way as well is a testament to the gameplay more than anything.

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Those are good usages for the mouse - I'm gonna go ahead and make them be usable alongside what's already there. Thanks for playing.

The two modes of gameplay (manipulating the sequence of events and then controlling the protagonist) complement the fun audio-visual design, overall making for a very enjoyable game. I'd definitely be interested in seeing how this could be expanded on.

Very solid aesthetic that gives vibes of Pac-Man CE. My only suggestion would be some sort of audio-visual indicator for each level you beat, similar to what that does, as well as a restart button.

Plenty of nice level design from room to room, and the visual design makes it immediately apparent what does what. The game controls just as you'd want it to, and the challenge level is just right to keep it fun all the way through. All in all, very enjoyable