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Recent community posts

I spent a bunch of time this weekend on the new map and while it is not completed yet, I've made a new build that will allow you to check it out in its current state.

To see he new map, make sure you have the latest build (0.3.13b), hold down left-shift and press backspace. This will load the scene with the test map. 

To get back to the title screen, press ESC.

When you first appear in the map you will be facing north with the castle area to your back. Willow Grove is to the west and the ruins are to the east. There are also a few new points of interest on the map and I plan on adding at least a couple more.

There's still quite a bit left to do, but I'm happy with it so far and hope you all like it as well!

If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to post them here!

Today's update includes the ability to move placed furniture and put placed furniture back into your inventory. I'm releasing the system in increments to give you all a chance to give feedback as it is in development.

Full Update Notes, Alpha 0.3.12 includes:

  • Placed furniture can now be picked up and moved
  • Placed furniture can now be placed back in your inventory
  • Adjusted the height placement for tables and stools
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused stools to not load properly from a save
  • Added hint regarding how to fight the Necromancer
  • Added collision to the stairs in the Barracks
  • Added collision to floor in back of Tavern

Hi! Can you tell me why you posted this log? Did you experience a crash? Most of those shader errors shouldn't cause any harm.

This is a big update that includes the first phase of the player house! 

Read the Dev Blog for more details:


Alpha 0.3.09 includes:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused farmers to skip a harvest if you played for over a full day (in game time)
  • If your Farmers are inactive due to a quest (such as Cursed Farms) and they are told to harvest, they will start harvesting as soon as you complete the quest, rather than waiting for the next day
  • Updated the "Shroomin" Quest so the Mini Mushroom Men don't seek to hide in towers, walls, or entrances
  • Updated the loot tables for Alchemy resources to balance out which resources you get better
  • Fixed a bug that caused Stone House upgrades to not persist between saves
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I mentioned in a previous update that I was working on some composition shots for the new map. These are meant to give me a visual goal for the map. So what you are seeing is just a scene, a representation of what I'd like the map to look like. 

In the case of this shot, it's a coastline. Right now in HammerHelm the coast is too steep to really do anything with and the water is pretty basic. The goal here is to have a coastline that looks prettier but could also have a use (such as placing a fishing structure) as your town could be closer to the coast.

As always, feedback is appreciated!

Alpha 0.3.08 includes:

  • Added code to quest system to ensure an NPC doesn't get two quests simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Trapped Miner to not appear in the mines
  • The quest system will now speed up the rate it gives you a quest if you have no open quests
  • Fixed rotation of shopkeepers inside of buildings (tavern, brewery, weaponsmith)

Small build today as I am working on some composition shots for the new map to use as visual style and quality references. Once they're further along I'll post them and would love to hear feedback!

This build mostly includes some additions and updates to Build Mode.

Alpha 0.3.07 includes:

  • Added a Window Mode Toggle to the Settings Screen
  • Changed the keys to rotate the camera to Q and E
  • Farms can now be moved while in build mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused crops to look ready to harvest when a farmer starts tending crops at a newly placed farm

Alpha 0.3.06 includes:

  • A new quest! Upgrade your helmet by completing the Metalworker's quest.
  • A new helmet, the Ram Helm (acquired by completing a quest, comes in all ore types)
  • Reduced the cost of stone to build the Barracks (note the Barracks are still not implemented yet, but you can build the structure)
  • Added rotation to camera when in build mode (A and D keys)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the trapped miner to sometimes become invisible
  • Fixed a bug that caused fireplaces and chimneys to disappear when moving a home

Alpha 0.3.05 includes:

  • Big update to the save game system to ensure that saves occur properly, especially related to buildings in your town
  • The building placement system has been updated to enforce the building placement requirements better
  • When picking up and moving a building, the street it created in its previous location no longer remains
  • Townspeople will no longer stop to talk to you if you have a UI open (such as inventory) when they walk near you
  • The Tinker Shop now correctly removes the grass from under its floors
  • Fixed the Brewery door

Alpha Build 0.3.04 is live. This update includes a big fix to monsters who weren't using gravity correctly. The Goblins especially yearned to fly. Not in my world, punks! 

The build also includes some more updates based on player feedback in the discussion forums.

Alpha 0.3.04 includes:

  • Monsters now use gravity properly (no more floating monsters!)
  • You can use the mousewheel to zoom farther or closer to your character (note zooming out will lower FPS a bit so be careful with this!)
  • Item stacking code has been improved
  • The "Press G to drop off resources" message will no longer appear while you are moving the location of the Storehouse
  • Using the "T" key while renaming an NPC will no longer open the NPC dialog UI if you are near an NPC
  • A setting to Invert Mouse has been added to the Settings Menu
  • Settings Menu options for music and mouse sensitivity now correctly display your current saved settings

I'm hoping to add some more quests in the coming days as well as some other new features.

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Alpha 0.3.03 includes:

  • VSync can be toggled in the settings menu
  • Placing Stone Entrances, Towers, and Walls will eventually create a positive mood buff for townspeople
  • Improved loot balance for ore in loot and ore deposits
  • Added ore loot as part of the Cave In quest
  • Fire Elementals now correctly rise from their idle state
  • Inventory items can no longer be stacked above 64
  • Fixed a bug that allowed buildings to be placed on top of each other
  • It is easier to pick up and move Stone Towers
  • Decorative items (such as lamp posts and fountains) can now be moved once placed
  • Pressing the "Craft" button before selecting a building no longer puts the UI in a bad state
  • Pressing ESC to cancel a build no longer results in losing that building if you are moving an existing building
(Edited 1 time)

Alpha 0.3.02 includes:

  • A new quest: Walking Stone (and a new monster to go with it!)
  • Crops appear differently depending on whether the farmer is able to harvest them or not. This will help clear up confusion while the farmer is tending, but not harvesting the crops
  • Increased the amount of food Farmers deliver to the Storehouse each harvest
  • Fixed a bug that caused food to go over the Storehouse's maximum capacity
  • Increased the lighting in dungeons and caves (would love feedback on this, still too dark? too bright? etc.)
  • Jade and Gold can be smelted at the Weaponsmith as well as the Armorsmith
  • Updated the terrain change system when placing buildings or moving an existing building
  • Added missing collision to Stone Entrance when first built

The update to the terrain change should also resolve a crash issue reported while placing or moving buildings.

Just released a new build that fixes a few bugs that players reported last night.

  • Fixed a bug that caused healthy trees to drop cursed wood after the Cursed Wood quest has been completed
  • Fixed a bug that caused stamina to not regenerate after performing a Smash attack
  • Fixed a bug that caused stamina to continue to drop if a UI was opened while sprinting

Thank you to those of you who posted the bug reports. I very much appreciate it!

I'm also working on an update to Farms and harvesting to make it more obvious when a Farmer should harvest. Right now after planting all of the crops, the Farmer will continue to walk around the farm and tend the crops. This makes it look like the Farmer should be harvesting even though the crops aren't fully ready yet. I wanted to get these fixes in first however so the Farms update will be in the next build.

Alpha 0.3.0 includes:

  • Major update to farms and farming to make farmers more predictable with how they harvest and deliver food
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused farmers to stop harvesting and go back to planting after an event (such as a quest that makes them stop farming)
  • Fixed a similar bug related to farmers not continuing to harvest after saving and reloading the game if they were in the middle of a harvest
  • Reduced the chance of getting the Cursed Farms quest.
  • Fixed a collision bug with Stone Walls

This is a pretty big update to farming and while I've tested it as thoroughly as I can, please be on the lookout for any odd behavior from the farmers in your town. Note that it may take a day or two (in game) for the changes to have a noticeable affect on your town's food resources. But don't worry, NPCs don't starve to death. Lack of food lowers their mood, but once they eat that mood debuff is immediately removed.

Nope! That marker is just the marker showing the way back to town. I saw your question on twitter and answered it there as well, but I also wanted to answer here in case anyone else had the same question. :)

Yes. :)


Alpha 0.2.43 includes:

  • Stone Walls, Entrances, and Towers can be built
  • Added tabs to the town crafting menu (homes, shops, walls, misc)
  • Deactivated "rumor" button from Tavernkeeper as this feature isn't available yet
  • Added click sounds to many of the UI buttons

Note the walls and towers don't do much as they're tied to the upcoming town attacks system. I wanted to get them into the game now rather than later though as it will help you plan your town better. They will also eventually provide a mood buff for your townspeople.

Alpha 0.2.42 includes:

  • Fixed a bug related to calculating character advancement related to crafting
  • Fixed a bug where the ore spawner wouldn't create the correct ore vein

I may have found the bug with the ore. Hopefully will have a fix up tomorrow!

Thats good to know, but even given that, you should still have gotten diamond. The loot code looks ok so I need to see if there is a bug somewhere else. Thanks for the additional info!

I'll check on the diamond ore. Also that tavernkeeper quest isn't implemented yet, he shouldn't be giving it. And yes, you are very far into the game! My hope for later is to create content for after someone has a full town. But that'll be after I implement way more content for the early and mid game.

I just uploaded a fix for this. The build should be available in about 15 minutes. Thanks!

Small update today and no real theme as it's a few things I've been wanting to update or fix now rather than wait for the big update. Town attacks is taking longer than I thought it would so I may break that update into three separate updates, the Player House, Walls and Towers, and then actual Town attacks.

Alpha 0.2.41 includes:
  • Increased the gold reward for the Necromancer Tower quest
  • After completing a dungeon or cave the music will change to the "safe" music
  • Mushroommen are now affected by knock-backs from the Smash and Dash attacks

Ok, I will take a look at that. Thanks!

Alpha 0.2.40 includes:

  • Changed starting miner jobs to 1 after you clear the mine the first time rather than 4. 
    • Assigning a Stonemason adds 3 more available miner jobs
    • This is to help new players assign a second miner early on when they don't really need two
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to miss their attack after performing a Dash or Smash attack
  • Added item descriptions to craftables under the 3D item viewer window
  • Fixed an issue with the foliage shader 
  • Fixed a text bug related to Stonemasons crafting fireplaces 
(Edited 1 time)

Alpha 0.2.39 includes:

  • A new quest, The Necromancer Tower. This quest will be expanded but I wanted to get the Necromancer fight into the game
  • Fixed a bug related to renaming NPCs
  • You can now jump over the fences on the farms (a lot of people were asking for this!)
  • Added the potions to the item viewer in the crafting UI

The Necromancer spawns Ghosts that attack you and he is immune to your attacks so you have to use his magic against him!

Working on the town attack system I have monsters that can smash walls.

Monsters can also attack townspeople , who will fight back. Working on also having townspeople help a nearby NPC if that NPC is being attacked. 

Alpha 0.2.38 includes:

   - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Alchemist's quest Shroomin "Mini Mushroom Men" mood to not clear after the quest has completed
   - Added collision to the Alchemist's Shop to prevent player from falling into the basement and getting stuck
   - Fixed collision that prevented player from entering the second tower of the Mage Tower building

Fixed that too. :)  I haven't really focused on the late game stuff much as I'm still working on the early to mid game content. I'm hoping to start adding more content to the late game in the coming weeks though.

New build is incoming! Thank you!

(Edited 1 time)

Yup, found it. Put in a fix and also a check to remove it retroactively if it wasn't removed correctly after loading a save.

Funny enough my nephew found that same problem with the Alchemist today too, I fixed that just now as well. :)

It only goes away after you complete the quest. When a mood doesn't have a timer it means you have to actively do something or fix something (such as not having food) for it to go away. It should have gone away when the quest ended however. If it didn't, then that's a bug.

Alpha 0.2.37 includes:

  • Optimized load times and moving buildings. Between a 75% and 90% reduction in the load time and delay when moving a building
  • Fixed a bug that caused gold ore to not spawn
  • Fixed a bug with dungeon spawners that caused skeletons to get stuck

Video showing off the shorter load times and moving building delay:

Oh and thanks again for the bug report! :)

Ok, these are both fixed. The gold ore was missing something in it's object. The Skeletons bug was affecting all skeletons. It was their spawner attempting to spawn a monster that I haven't added to the game yet. New build incoming. Also has a big optimization change to loading the town.

That's odd about the skeletons. They shouldn't act any differently based on how far advanced you are in the game.

I'll look into that as well as the ore nodes. Thanks!

Alpha 0.2.36 includes:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused completing the Cursed Farms quest to break other quests
  • Fixed a bug that caused some trees to not regrow

Figured it out. It was the Cursed Trees quest. Build with fix will be up soon. Thank you again!

Ah ok that's good to know. I will try and reproduce it that way. Thank you!

Alpha 0.2.35 includes:

  • Further reduced the amount of wood and stone that the Carpenters and Stonemasons use to build items for houses
  • Increased the amount of time that Carpenters and Stonemasons take to craft furniture and fireplaces
  • Fixed a bug that caused Stonemasons to not build fireplaces
  • Added a "wind up" to the Ghost attack making it easier to know when one is about to attack
  • Fixed a bug that caused the potion timers in the Quick Bar to disappear or get stuck