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Build 2.6.2 includes some bug fixes, mostly related to the new terrain and caves.

  • The Dread Bloom will no longer spawn floating above the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a strange circle of light to appear below the character when in a cave or the mines.
  • Removed the white blocks from the stairs over the lava in caves. (these are there so you can walk on the stairs but should have been invisible)
  • Fixed a bug related to the Restless Spirit quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Workers to stop gathering wood.

I'm probably going to spend most of the rest of today testing and fixing bugs. If I find more (or if you all report more - thank you for doing that by the way) I'll do another build tonight with those fixes in it. Then I want to move on to making more content!







Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! :)

Today's update includes two new Story Quests - "Wishing Wisps" and "Bookworm" in addition to the "Apple Tree" story quest that was added in Update 2.2.1. 

The build also includes some small adjustments to the hairs and beards to make them fit better on the characters.

Hi, can you send me your save file? I can look at it and see why the quest won't clear.

You can find the save file here:

Users\NAME\AppData\LocaLow\SuperSixGames\HammerHelm - where NAME is whatever your default name is for your PC.

The file will be called "savegame", "savegame1", etc. depending on which slot you
used. Note the save game for the first slot has no number after "savegame".

Just send the file savegame. I don't need the settings file.

You can email it to:

Thank you!

Build 2.1.0 is a small update that includes some bug fixes as well as a couple of small features.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Metalsmith quest to fail to update after the Metalsmith building is completed.
  • The Metalsmith now correctly requires two houses to be built before the Metalsmith can be built.
  • Added a Brightness slider to the Settings UI.
  • The resource numbers while in town will now change color to let you know if that resource is maxed out (green) or at zero (red). A white colored number means you have more than zero but are not at the cap yet.
  • Workers will no longer drop off Stone over the maximum amount your Storehouses can hold.
  • Added the Magic Pool to the game map. This will be used in future quests.


Quick update today to resolve a bug that sometimes caused farmers to stop planting and harvesting crops.

Alpha 0.8.13 includes a couple of quick bug fixes. I'm still working on the Big Update but I wanted to get these in right away.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused shopkeepers to have empty shop lists
  • Changed the "Strange Activity" quest to use only one Townsperson to remove a case where one NPC would get two quests

Today's build includes a bunch of bug fixes and some better messaging for when your inventory is full or the storehouse is full.

Alpha 0.8.10 includes:

  • Stamina will no longer go negative from doing a dash attack
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the character to get stuck after trying to do a dash attack
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a tutorial quest to complete before the requirements were met
  • The NPC's home that you need to search in the "Noises" quest will now correctly display in the quest text
  • Fixed some collider bugs in the Ruins
  • You will now get a message letting you know the Storehouse is full if you attempt to drop off wood and the Storehouse cannot hold anymore
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused dungeons to spawn less monsters than they should
  • Removed collision from falling trees
  • You will now get a message that your inventory is full when attempting to loot an item if you cannot carry it
  • Fixed a few UI scaling issues
  • Turned off holiday content (except crafted Holiday Trees!)
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Alpha 0.8.7 includes a big buff to healing potions that increases the amount of hit points restored from all levels of heal potions. The heal potions in your inventory and hotbar will update automatically, however any heal potions in storage will not. To update those, drag them into your inventory and then save and reload the game.

Build 0.8.7 build also includes:

  • Optimized the water to increase overall framerate a bit
  • Reduced the chance of a monster spawner creating 4 monsters at higher levels
  • Updated all shields mouse-over text to reflect that they do not stun or knockdown enemies anymore

Build 0.8.6 included a rather large amount of optimizations related to memory management, specifically regarding the updating of terrain when placing buildings and roads.

This build also includes a quick update to mouse sensitivity settings to reduce the sensitivity of looking up and down with the mouse relative to looking right and left. For most users, looking up and down was way too sensitive most of the time. You may need to readjust your mouse sensitivity setting in the Options Menu after this update to get it where you want it.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!!

Today's build includes some bug fixes related to building interiors and a fix for the sliding/moving bug.

  • Updated the code that loaded a building interior if you loaded a save after logging out while inside a building
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused interiors to disappear while still inside a building
  • Optimized the Brewery's path to paint the terrain faster and remove the delay when placing a Brewery
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the character to slide and continue moving without user input

This update adds an autosave feature to HammerHelm. Your progress will now be automatically saved as you progress rather than only when you leave the game.

Alpha 0.7.0 also includes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to slide after closing a UI
  • Updated the skeleton's animations to more smoothly transition between idle and run
  • Added "got hit" animations back to some monsters
  • Added some small memory optimizations

Today's build includes a key rebind system in addition to some bug fixes and optimizations.

  • Key rebinding system. Keys can be changed once in game in the Settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to stop sprinting after jumping
  • Fixed a bug that caused the road placement tool to fail to remove grass
  • Optimized town buildings to improve performance a bit

Alphas 0.6.20 and 0.6.21 include:

  • Fixed bug that caused the game to fail to save if you had over 50 townspeople.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Caves to fail to spawn monsters after crafting blood stone items
  • If your character starts inside a building after loading a save, the building interior will now load properly
  • Updated camera to zoom closer to the character when entering a building if the camera is zoomed far out
  • Various other camera collision improvements

    Alpha 0.6.18 includes Combat Updates to make combat smoother and easier to control.

    • You can turn your character while attacking 
    • When clicking to attack a monster your character will stay facing the target unless you move the mouse to turn your character
      • This prevents the case where sometimes your character would walk past a monster while attacking it even though you hadn't moved the mouse
      • Note that moving the mouse while attacking will override this
    • When mining ore or chopping a tree your character no longer moves
    • Improved animation transitions for attacks
      • Your character won't pause between attacks if you continue to click
      • This also means your character attacks a bit faster overall

    Update 0.6.17 includes a fix for a bug that sometimes caused saving the game to get stuck, resulting in a corrupted save. 

    I want to thank everyone who sent me save game files and logs to help me track this down and fix it. Nasty bug and without your files I'd probably still be looking for it. So...thank you!!! :)

    (Edited 1 time)

    Today's update (0.6.16) turned off the Halloween event. I hope everyone had fun collecting pumpkins and crafting the limited edition items! I plan on doing more limited time events, and more elaborate events, in the future!

    This update also includes a much requested feature - the addition of monsters in the wilderness not related to quests. You can tell them apart from quest monsters because their camps don't have campfires. These monsters give less gold and less loot than quest monsters, however they have a chance to drop any resources, including ore, leather, and alchemy resources. Right now they aren't very common but I will be tweaking this over time.



    Open your email you got when you purchased HammerHelm with the purchase link.

    If you can't find it, you can go here: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought to have the email resent to you!

    You should see a "Get Steam Key" button when you go to the link on your purchase email.

    Let me know if you have any problems.


    Pressing the "Play Button" will open a window allowing you to choose a character slot. There are 5 slots and the first slot is automatically taken by your current character if you have one.

    • You can now save up to 5 different characters
    • Pressing the Play Button will open a character slot selection screen
    • The first time you load your original character you will appear at the start location near your town. After you save again your character's last position will be saved correctly
    • At the moment you can no longer delete saves. This will be added in the next update

    Today's build includes some adjustments and fixes the town building.

    • Updated footprints to make them less neon and added checkered pattern 
      • this may not seem like a big deal but one of the things I am trying to do is make HammerHelm's palette a little more consistent - so getting rid of the neon grass and neon footprints is part of that
    • Fixed bug that caused the road instructions UI to appear when first opening the build town UI
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to fail to load the town when a structure was in the process of being built

    This build includes a bunch of optimizations and updates to the road placement and road removal system that removes the lag while placing or removing roads.

    • Optimized road placement mode to remove lag while dragging to place or remove road
    • Holding left button down and dragging will create green indicators for where the grass will be changed to road
    • Holding right mouse button down and dragging will create red indicators for where the road will be changed back to grass
    • The road is placed (or removed) when you release whichever mouse button you are holding down

    Alpha 0.6.02 includes another popular requested feature from the community - a road placement mode! In the above screenshots you can see that I've added roads leading to the doors of the buildings, including a road leading through the Woodchopper's footprint all the way to the door.

    • You can place roads in your town
      • To do so you will need to have a Stonemason
      • Enter build mode (P) and press left-shift + R to enter road placement mode
      • Placing road does not use any resources
      • You can place roads anywhere in the town build area, except for over Farm or Graveyard dirt
      • You can also use the tool to remove road and replace it with grass. This even works for roads placed as part of placing a building
    • Pressing - or + will zoom the camera in and out in build mode
    • Darkened the grass a bit (it was a bit too neon green at times)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Farm's lantern to turn on when first place during the day
    • The storage chest now appears properly in the preview window of the crafting UI
    (Edited 1 time)

    The Alpha 0.6.01 build includes some community requested features, including a new placeable object for your home, Storage Chests!  These can be crafted at the Carpenter and placed in your home to store items. Note that once placed, a Storage Chest cannot be put back in your Inventory. They can be moved to a new location however. 

    Alpha 0.6.01 also includes:

    • You can now use the arrow keys in addition to WASD to move your character
    • You can now lock the y-axis of the camera to only move when holding left-shift. This can be set in the settings menu
    • Lava Elementals will no longer climb on top of your head in an attempt to attack you

    The new combat system is live as part of the Alpha 6 release! 

    The new "How To Fight" UI can be accessed from the Title Screen or in game through the ESC menu if you need a refresher.

    At first the system may seem a bit complex, but really all you need to remember to fight effectively is:

    - Left click to attack
    - Right click to block
    - Middle button or R to use power attack

    For those of you who have been playing HammerHelm for a while, the new system may take a bit of getting used to. I think it's way more fun though and I hope you do too!

    As part of this update monster damage has been reduced as well. I will be tweaking that along with health potion heal amounts as I get more feedback on the new system.

    Alpha 0.5.06 is live and includes a bunch of updates to the combat prototype as well as a bug fix related to moving the Fishing Pier to invalid locations.

    The combat prototype is nearly complete so I highly recommend you check it out if you have time. The more feedback the better!

    The updates today include adding a third monster, reducing the rate at which the monsters attack slightly, and adding AI to the monsters so they will stay inside your view area rather than constantly winding up behind you. This makes it far less likely that a monster will attack you from off screen and should always give you time to react to an incoming attack.