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I'd actually had several requests about this, and I'm thinking of trying to do something with a booklet and dice.
Until then: all of the card files are numbered, so you could use a random number generator (since some of them are not even numbers) and then reference the card.

"made by them, and they know that. It is always in flux, and any change is adapted to."

Oops! Looks like there was something weird in the render and it got cut off. I'll have to get an update made. Also: thank you for the review!

I might have to look into it! It would be a bit tricky though, considering there are over 100 cards at this point.
In my own case I typically use a Virtual Table Top and build all the decks there.

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More or less the text should read "When a card tells you to 'Add Last', place a counter on the Nemesis. When rolling for "Slay Them," roll additional dice equal to the number of Last tokens."

Edit: The game has now been updated with these changes and more!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
And yes, I noticed last time I played the game myself I forgot to mention the LAST counters. I will have to add that to the next update!

A game that plays like a poem to help vent frustration against particular hateful parties.

Very good for a spooky dungeon-crawl and you should play it if you like those things!

The setting is evocative and scenarios quickly develop as you read through the material.

10/10, would watch as players daisy-chain their way through hell basements again.

Heckin' spooky! There's a lot of good ghost research that went into this game. Card prompts make things get real dark real quick.

A wonderful prompt-based story game with very evocative imagery. The places are all mystical and strange, as are the stories you can tell within them.

The game leans melancholy, but a single success can be a moment of joy. Play with friends for maximum moods.

A curious letter writing game that typically leaves you nothing you intended to say on paper, assuming your letter even survives the game

Highly recommended to play with your own Original Characters.

An amazing storytelling game with simple prompts that really get the creative brain juices flowing!