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Wow! I love the use of vivid colors against the simple black backdrop. Really evokes a thick jungle. Getting a very strong first-generation disney afternoon series vibe from the character designs. I'm too bad the chain jumps to get past the second thorn area though, though :P

Thank you! There's definitely a turn of the century charm that Ghibli does so well that we wanted to bring in, within the famicom limits.

Thanks! :)


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Thanks so much! I'll pass that along to the artist. He's incredible. We do think we're going to move forward and expand this game over the next month or so. Primarily getting the mechanics right and expanding the game to 30 to 45 minutes of solid playtime. For example, the mother possession reveal was supposed to introduce her as a boss bottle. From there we'll try to get some more feedback and reassess our excitement about the project.

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Great nes style-game! It reminds me of the early NES games, that were very often ports of early button-masher arcade machines. The different ghosts were a treat, the Indiana Jones one caught me totally by surprise!

Wow! Top notch! This has all the classic, no holds barred vibes that make old platformers so addictive. I hope you continue this project, though it's pretty sweet as is. That beginning power button sequence is a great touch.

And I'm looking forward to playing your guys games as well, as soon as I get some time tonight. :)

Hi Fredrik, thanks for the support and patience. I just uploaded a simple windows version. Now that I'm sure what build I got up there, let me know if you have issues and I can actually troubleshoot. I'm still trying to figure out how to build/host a mac build as well. In case that's an issue.

Argh, I'm so sorry. I think the issue is probably some snafu in uploading. I had originally uploaded it as windows, then switched to html5 so more folks would play it, but I wasn't liking some of the UI behaviour in the browser (Pixel Perfect text is the devil), so I switched back to a windows download. Perhaps there's some crossed wires in my settings. Will update after I get off of work. Don't expect too much from this, we bite off more than we could chew and ended up with a walking simulator that could kill you?

Thanks so much for playing! Yes, it's pretty hard, another reason developers can be the worse playtesters :\

We wanted to give those picky Kami more personality as well, but unfortunately that just didn't come together in time.

Thanks so much for the constructive feedback! We just released the next iteration on the itch page. We want to implement many of the features you mentioned, however, at the moment we're trying to perfect the wig physics.