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This was cool - I liked the parallax scrolling. Would love it to be faster though!

This game was cool! The exploding effect was very satisfying. I caused a crash somewhere on level 5 I think (I missed the big ship, and then there was no more ships, just me floating around)

Once I got into it this game had a kinda hypnotic groove - was really satisfying to play! The different skins were a cool touch.

How many clicks until I unlock burrito? (at the moment I'm at 12 million)

I really liked the sprite for the frog, but for me the game froze straight after I pressed space

This game was an insane and fun place to be. The pictures on the walls are great

Finding out that the eggs exploded was such a good moment! Visuals were nice and colorful. One thing was that at first there's nothing to indicate how long is left of the level and I wasn't sure if it was endless or going to stop (until it did) - a countdown timer or something would be really cool!

This was fun, felt really well put together in terms of the music and graphics (that synth sound was great)

The music and feel of this game was so perfect! Had fun - Would really dig a full choose your own adventure game in this style.

Thanks! California Games was great, now I'm remembering the best hacky-sack game.

Horsebuckle sounds like an awesome place!

Really nice resolution graphics! Once I got used to the mechanics, I liked that you have to be really deliberate with turns rather than just going for all out speed.

Really fun, happy-vibe platformer!

This was really addictive! Nice mix of cuteness and gore!

Really liked the concept of a linux distro dev story game!

Nice flappy bird clone, liked the visuals of the cat, and cool use of parallax scrolling.

Whenever I see something this wholesome I immediately assume it's gonna take an insane psychological horror turn. Nice, I liked the guitar music.

This was fun! Really liked the retro-3d graphics style!

I have no idea how you can up with the idea of merging Tony Hawk with a zombie shooting game, but this is freaking awesome!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the feedback, think maybe I overdid the "slippyness", might look into taking it down a notch

Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

I didn't manage to win any of the games, but this was fun!!

This was fun! The sprites look so good!

I managed to get myself stuck (literally) in the caveman level by following the cave through and clinging to the wall on the left. There's a spot you can land in where you can't jump out.

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Thanks for playing! And thanks for the feedback - I've edited it slightly to make it a bit less slippy.

This is really awesome! Really love the look and feel

really nice!

I'm really terrible at this, but the game is really cool!