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Hello everyone, I'm David CAMARAZO, the creator, I'ld really enjoy to have feedbacks, it would help me to improve this game and fixes the bugs you'll find. Thanks to you and have fun.

Hello everyone, This is a game I made in two weeks for a game Jam, it's cool but I'ld really like to improve it and add some cool features and new levels. Tell me what you think about the game to help me in the bug fixes as well as in the creation process. Thanks and have a nice day.

Thanks for testing my game. I'll try to add controller support.

I didn't understand anything but that was fun.

Maybe I didn't understand, but aside going on a journey through the room I couldn't do anything.

Plus when you make a game, please, think about peoples who do not have a qwerty keyboard.

That was ... weird.

Thanks for the comment. Don't worry if you had difficulties, I like hard games, so I always make hard game, it's stronger than me.

Plus the jump physic isn't perfect. Once the ratings will be done, I'll upload a new version with smoother jumps.
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I enjoyed it, even if sometime I was like "What ?! Come on I totally hit the red cross.", but don't worry, it's just me being a bad loser. Seriously It's a simple but really cool game.

Hello everyone, just a little post to ask you, if you played the game, to rate it for the Weekly Game Jam -Week 80. Thanks and have a good day.

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Thanks for answering. Those kind of effects always work on me. I'm like "Woaw !!! That's magic...". Also I'm sad your game doesn't get more attention.

The last enemy is just ruining the game, since you just have to cross your finger and hope that there will be destroyed. Otherwise the concept is interesting, the association tower defense/puzzle game works and the visual is clean, the link with the theme is a bit... tricky, but why not.

That's definitely a good one for the theme.

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I have to say that the concept is unusual. Unfortunately it doesn't permit to create a long  game with lot of mechanics ,but that's not really a problem since the proposed content is pretty good. The visual is nice but I don't know why  I didn't have any sound, but since I'm the only one who noticed, I suppose that must come from my pc.

It's my first gameJam too and also my second playable game. I was wondering, What did you use to make the music and the effects on the projectiles ?

Really good. The theme is respected. The pixel art and the music are all good. I just find it a bit repetive in highest difficulty. But that's still a good game.

No problem it's not a big deal to add that. I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and that's why I have to make what's possible to make it better. I'll update it once the rated period is over.

Thanks, I also had fun while making the game. To correct the problem you reported, I can make a system, the longer you press space the higher you jump. But the jump will be slightly slower since you'ld have to keep pressing space to reach the maximum height. What do you think about that ?

I agree. Personnally I work with Game Maker Studio for two years now, so I can make playable game pretty fast with it.

Thanks for your report. I'm a student and I've made this game during my free time all by myself in one week so some stuff are missing. Those feedbacks are really important to me. I'll try to correct the problem as soon as possible. But I'm not sure... Do you know if I can change my game while it's rated for the jam ?