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super minion

A member registered Jan 01, 2018

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I agree, Haxor u should cut down on the hentai and put more effort into making the self distribution feature i recomended for u to add into the game!

and maybe have a mile stone for the first explodive cpu on the market

Still think the self distruct feature should have been planned and a priority feature to add to HT

Ok i chacked for Haxor#8112 and it get any thing

Id really like to ask when is 0.2.8 coming out but sadly i know the answer 😂😂😂

Fair enough

So i would like to know why you made this game on construct 2 although its kinda quicker to code in other languages like c# or js or c++ or whatever engine you would use but the question it why C2 instead of something like GMS2 or Unity?

kinda got back to thinking about ideas and heres what i came up with😅.

1# deals / the ability to make deals with company's like console manufacturures or pc builders to put your cpu in there pruduct for a share of their profit or an upfront payment, but you'd need to have enough reputation aka market share to have a chance with the big companies eg sony entertainment or alienware or samsung.

2# cache 

3# core type / you can develop a core system or lisence when from other companies  to use in your cpu

4# TDP / simple the lower the more stable and better also if you add cooler bundles then you need to make sure your cooler can handle the tdp just like your socket and if you add mother board chips.

5# hyperthreading 

Thats all, i was kinda bored in bed and i couldnt get to sleep so i got to work typing and thinking, hope that the game gets better as we go along.

Try experementing it might be exusting to try to find and understand a tutorial from a channel with 1 sub and trash

and fir main menues just have them on sepret plains.

btw a simple thing to do for pop ups and menus is to have the menu or pop up grouped up with a background some text on it or some buttuns and have a function be called when ever a player does something eg click a button, the function would be to move the group from the very last layer to the very top and back. I found that out my self, im pritty sure there are easier and less time and hardware consuming options out there but this was the only way i found out about in construct 2... Before i switched to unity😅👍👌


so in maximum 2 months?


When should we be looking for this update

This seems to be a very big update which is amazing! Also i like these more indepth dev logs. 

I wish i was able to test the beta for thw game but sadly i didnt know anything about it :( 

Although i have to go there every day :(


I found this game after watching a video from a youtuber called seniac, its the only good thing he ever did :)

Yeay Update also please add cpu core plz add them soon plz.


This s taking way too long :(

when is the update coming out

.First make mobile CPUs 

.Second make a difference between clock speed and turbo speed

.Third add ram type support and mother board chip support

.Fourth add different data path types like 32bit and 64bit

.Fifth add threads

.Sixth add integrated graphics

.Seventh add bundle like coolers 

.Eighth add overclock support

I had more ideas but those are the ones i currently remember, i know this is a lot and will be hard but a few f these would still be good :)

Why in the develop menu is says DIP while in the revue menu it says DPI?

So when is the time where you drop these dev log updates

omg at the end of the game the production price was 194 and  was selling for 200 and it still said that its too expensive

When is the next dev log?

When is the 0.2.6 update?

You can add CPU cores like you said you will in 0.2.5 update and didn't.

ok thank you! :)

ok thank you! :)

also how did you learn to use construct 2 becouse i am getting into it but i need to learn how to make stuff

ok as long as you  are working hard on the game i am satisfied :)

I have 2 questions. first how do I download the update. second didn't you say you will add some cpu parts?


i rate this game 6/10 "good but still not the best" although it has a very good idea and base plz work more on this! 

i recomend so much some sort of background music and finish up the cores for the cpus and try adding new stuff you can make  so a change but plz still work on later cpu upgrades these are my recomendations.

When is it coming out