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Darn, sorry to hear that. We've got a better build now but it won't be available until after the rating period ends.

Hmm, it seems to work when I download it. Did you unzip the file?

Love it! I was a little confused about the goal, but really dug the in-game progress bars. The little crowds are fun to play with and it feels natural and a little chaotic.

Thanks comrade! I started with isometric because I love 2D tilemaps, but serious facepalm for not considering 3D.

That's pretty smart! 

Definitely! Isometric was an uninformed decision...the look is fun but collisions are weird. Couldn't figure out how to let the player display in front of and behind the cubicles while still realistically colliding with walls.

Love the concept, and the art and music/sound are so charming!

Agreed, I didn't realize at the start how awkward isometric would be to code for!