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Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :) 

There will be about 6-8 episodes (each having about three chapters each) or about 45 minutes of content each (not including puzzles, just story content). About six endings are set in stone, but there may be more. The next couple of episodes require me to make a lot of the background art that will be used in the latter parts of the game, so these episodes will take longer than the rest of the episodes to release.

Hello! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Asher.

There are a few things Tetrine wants to do before she will try the drawer again. When you first opened the drawer, Tetrine found the newspaper. If you haven't read it, you will need to go to the card catalog (Tetrine archived it as something important) and read some of the articles. The ones that are important to the story will probably stand out to you.

You're welcome and so glad it is resolved! :)

All right, that's a little odd. I'm sorry for the frustration; I'll look at it today to see where the problem may be and whether or not it's a bug. Which operating system are you using?

Thank you!

Did you try right-clicking on it when it's in your inventory? I think it's one of the few cases in the game where you have to right-click on something, which is probably confusing.

So glad you liked it!

You're welcome, and thank you for the kind words!

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I'm so glad you're enjoying Goblet of Mercy!

Someone also asked this question on Steam. Itch doesn't have a spoiler tag so I'm going to link to the Steam discussion instead. You can find it here.

Wow, thank you! :)

Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to comment. :) It's always a high compliment when someone would like the game to be longer!

Thank you!! :)

thank you for the nice comment and the feedback! :)

Personally, I have a hard time with dark text on a light background, but other than that the art and atmosphere are very well done. I particularly like the mother's expressions and it was fun playing through from the summoned perspective. :)

There's already some built in controller support for this game engine, but I have not been able to test it. It should be fine?
Yes, am going to put it on Steam. Should be there by the end of Oct.

wow, thank you so much!!

Burdock is rather pretty when you look closely at it, despite being a humble plant, and I love the delicate illustration in the main menu art. I appreciated this theme throughout - the search for the woodsman's head, the spider... the story draws attention to things that generally go unnoticed and makes you look at them in a different way. The gorgeous art, whimsical UI and beautiful prose all work so well with the SFX, music and overall sound design.

The riddles were so much fun. I want to buy a game that has riddles like these. Would completely go on a quest to appease the Fairy again.

omg, thank you so much for the kind comment and for playing!!

I am about halfway through writing a walkthrough but atm I'm working on something for the Empress of Aeser that needs to be done tomorrow. But I'll get back to it as soon as that's done with.

Thank you again! It's exciting to hear the different endings and variations were intriguing!

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Wow! The execution (npi) of the concept is very effective. Creepy, surreal, and like watching an accident in slow motion - you're helpless to stop it, and you just know it's not going anywhere good. The suspense was intense.

I felt genuinely sorry for the MC. Poor Mikee. Mikee is definitely be my favorite character, both design and demeanor and I would really like to drop them into a kinder setting and story. Dream Come True is my favorite ending, and it's genuinely gut wrenching.

The backgrounds and art are stunning. I love the color scheme and expressions! The menu art is *amazing*, esp. the selection buttons.

Thanks for playing and for the kind words. I'm so glad it was interesting enough to play more than once! :)

I was not expecting that. This story made me cry. I can't remember the last time I read a VN that made me cry.

The atmosphere created by the inviting UI, the 3rd person narration (I love, love love this), color palette and the dynamic CGs all come together to support such a beautiful longing atmosphere. The one where Blossom is looking out the window particularly stands out, with the unforgettable melody of the lullaby. The first moment meeting the ghost is so poignant. 

What a lovely, sweet and beautiful VN.

Thank you for playing and so glad you enjoyed it!

yeeee, I enjoyed listening to your playthrough~ it's great to see the responses to the choices, since Goblet of Mercy has a more off the wall writing style than the other stories.

lmao... aww... Kuku is so precious, the protagonist is adorable and the dialogue is a riot. I just want to make her dreams come true... what are a few dark proclivities in the scheme of things?

I was daunted at the stat raising because I'm not very good at them, but managed to get ending 23 on the first playthrough. The art and music perfectly fits the mood and plays off the funny and unexpected writing perfectly. It made me laugh (and sometimes cackle) the whole time~

Thank you for playing and taking time to comment!! lol. So glad it was fun and you liked the art & music (I'm never sure how music is going to work out when I'm making it, tbh), and animation!

Ah, Mara. The one character I can pull out all the stops for.

She would be happy to have you~~ 

This VN was an instant buy for me (I got the Steam version) when it came out; I love the atmosphere created by the text, art and music. Tragedies in which the characters' flaws play a role are my favorite ever. 

I still come back and re-read this one from time to time because the words are so beautiful~

I'm looking forward to it!

You're welcome! I'm thrilled to see this addon. Thank you, and thanks for the update!

Wow, this is amazing. I've wanted a Rhubarb/Ren'Py integration forever. Thank you for sharing it!

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Hello hana, I'm sorry you're having trouble.

Unfortunately, I have the worst time troubleshooting anything mac, as I do not own one, so I can't guarantee when this will be fixed, especially because I am working on a different version of this game that will supercede the version you downloaded.

In the meantime, you could try the twine version, which is browser based and fairly reliable. (By navigating to the Asher game page and clicking the button "play visual novel")

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Thank you! She's my favorite as well. I am thankful her estate permitted me to use the quote. (They were really kind!)

Thank you!! :-)

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Thank you so much! :) I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the story & art! (Making realistic sprites a bit more expressive was one of the ways I wanted to challenge myself for this game.)

I've been working on a few of the bugs and other reports this weekend, seems like the last few bugs are the ones where it's are hard to tell whether they're bugs. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and I'll go over that section for the upcoming build. :)

Thank you for the comment :) I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the art & music and noticed the theme!

Please feel free to post typos or other bugs! If you prefer, my developer email is

If I may ask, which was the ending you got that felt rushed? I intended to proofread/edit Chapters II and III again because I didn't have as much time to fix them as much as I did Chapter I in the jam time.

Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed reading this story. :)

The atmosphere is so beautiful. I loved the feeling of the journey interspersed with immersive phone sequences & entertaining & believable characters. I played the spooky version and came away from the ending in awe

Beautiful work~

You're welcome!

Oh, of course! My mistake, I meant... she's so genuinely sweet !

The way it's written I immediately feel like I'm there, the music is beautiful & adds to the feeling of unease (I noticed that before I saw the unease meter and I didn't read the game description heh). I LOVE the restricted palette look + pixel art style + UI and the combination of SFX to feel like a 90s game, the slowly but relentlessly unfurling horror and haunting atmosphere... she is genuinely scary. It is so immersive I started hoping she would go away for a moment so the MC could think and get his bearings and when she finally did I was like 'yes!'

Poor guy. The ending is so intense - but I love endings like these---


...ones where the MC's flaws/failings play a big role in both creating the story + ultimate outcome.

Ohh... I love the the noir styling of the story. The art is beautiful & cohesive and looks like it's inspired by 60s illustration? Very nice touch. Vintage-style aliens, a twist. Overall I found it funny and madcap and **amazingly** well done. 

This is a lot of fun! The story surprised & gripped me immediately, the sprites are expressive. I also love the dreamy color palette. Cute, dark & funny.

Wow. This is beautiful! And the screenplay format is an ingenius touch.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. You perfectly encapsulated everything that was on my mind when I wrote this.