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You're welcome!

Oh, of course! My mistake, I meant... she's so genuinely sweet !

The way it's written I immediately feel like I'm there, the music is beautiful & adds to the feeling of unease (I noticed that before I saw the unease meter and I didn't read the game description heh). I LOVE the restricted palette look + pixel art style + UI and the combination of SFX to feel like a 90s game, the slowly but relentlessly unfurling horror and haunting atmosphere... she is genuinely scary. It is so immersive I started hoping she would go away for a moment so the MC could think and get his bearings and when she finally did I was like 'yes!'

Poor guy. The ending is so intense - but I love endings like these---


...ones where the MC's flaws/failings play a big role in both creating the story + ultimate outcome.

Ohh... I love the the noir styling of the story. The art is beautiful & cohesive and looks like it's inspired by 60s illustration? Very nice touch. Vintage-style aliens, a twist. Overall I found it funny and madcap and **amazingly** well done. 

This is a lot of fun! The story surprised & gripped me immediately, the sprites are expressive. I also love the dreamy color palette. Cute, dark & funny.

Wow. This is beautiful! And the screenplay format is an ingenius touch.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. You perfectly encapsulated everything that was on my mind when I wrote this.

This is amazingly well done. The interactive branching is satisfying, the story-world is conveyed well in the short time frame, and the use of effects makes it feel like there is far more artwork than there is. I love the artistic style and combination of color and black and white; it gives the artwork a warm handmade feel which can be a struggle to achieve in the digital medium.

I enjoyed the way the world building is conveyed - I'm trying to explain it but it's peppered in just enough that I got what was going on without it being explained to me. I was immediately invested in the narrative and wanted to play all the endings.

Hello Rinzai Gigen,
Sure, I would like to host the jam again. (I had some unexpected bad news when it started so I wasn't able to participate as I originally intended, so I definitely want to.)

The more complete example sounds like maybe a better bet. Up to you, tho!

S.A. Welland
Sun Labyrinth LLC

Of course it's okay to ask :) I answered this on the Steam's discussion. I'm not sure if supports spoiler tags yet, so I'm linking to the the Steam discussion (and answer) here.

Sorry about that.  Adding multiple choice fields isn't in the documentation. Apparently images for the different options are optional, but it still shows a broken image symbol and a thumbnail. :\ So I'll make some thumbnails today. In the meantime, the multiple choice should work.

If you'd like to join a team, you can reply to this topic. Tell others what you would like to work on as part of the team, and provide any links to your work that apply. You can also post in's community Game Jams board. There are no rules to finding team members apart from the fact that at least one member must have an account in order to submit the game to jam at the end of the time.

Include a warning if any links lead to content that is NSFW.

Thread for memorable demos you've experienced.

Some optional questions:

  • What was memorable about the demo?
  • Did the final game live up to expectations? Why or why not?

Aw, thank you! I hope you enjoy the story! :)

Winter's Trumpet

Winter's Trumpet is a short interactive story (point and click format) set just a year before the events of my previous (free) game, Asher. Tetrine Reish is staying at a boarding house when the Tarsian flu epidemic sweeps across the continent. She finds herself quarantined, stealing secret moments with her suitor, Marcus, while her sociable roommate, Rosemary, is going out her mind with boredom. Rosemary disapproves of the mysterious Marcus. For one, he is always encouraging the flagrant disregard of quarantine... then again, 'Marcus' may have a secret or two of his own.

Meanwhile, the immortal demoness, Kalevel Venhera, is looking for someone that possesses a special Sight, a sort of magic-user called a scrivener, and after centuries she thinks she's found one... only, things don't turn out the way she expects...

Available now here.

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Asher is a visual novel made in twine about a librarianall right, librarian’s assistantnamed Tetrine Reish who lives in the city-state of Asher. Things are going swimmingly (except for perhaps her brother’s debt/bootlegging problem and an ominous dream or two,) until a woman comes along asking for a book. Not a library bookthat would be too easybut a book that doesn’t belong in Tetrine’s library. The book turns out to be written in a magical script called Nell marks that only a few people can see, and Tetrine is one of them.

However, all her life she’s been told in no uncertain terms that letting on that she can see the marks is a Bad Idea. Which is unfortunate, because several people, two of whom have suspicious intentions, find out. A kidnapping and an attempted murder (or two) ensues, and Tetrine’s life will never quite be the same again.

You  can play it here.

Thanks! :)