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Really dig the visual style. Thank you for the art.

Found this game through the Queer Games Bundle. Played through all your other ones too.

So long as it benefits you to make art, please keep doing so. Even if it's flawed, even if you feel like you didn't get to say what you really wanted to say, I hope you keep trying. I hope you get to feel listened to regardless.

Awesome! The Patchouli thing was a joke :)

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First off, I want to say I really enjoy the blend of dungeon-crawling RPG with bullet hell platformer for the encounters. It's cool and unique. I like the bright colors and generally I find the aesthetics for the geometric coins and encounter exits to be charming.

I know this a demo and not reflective of how the full game is going to be, but it needs saying the jump sound effect is not good, and the battle music is far louder than what is expected from changing music volume from the menu. This latter point in combination with not being able to access the settings from within the dungeon gets hard on the ears.

The hit feedback for enemies with higher health than OHKO is difficult to see with the bullet hell nature of the player attacks (other than the enemies who experience knock-back). The shield also has no hit feedback and thus I assumed you were supposed to walk into the shield and just tank the enemy attack.

The Sonic Beam and Void Laser are hard to aim, but the Energy Helix just feels like you're cheesing it and unsatisfying to play once the novelty of being OP wears off. It's also sad you can't break vases with the Energy Helix :(

I'm also concerned with how the NSFW elements are going to be incorporated, because I think I'd enjoy them better if they felt cohesive with the core experience. Right now, they feel pretty tacked on and isolated in their implications.

All in all, I am intrigued by this game and wish you the best on developing it further! :)

Btw, think you could put Patchouli Knowledge in it? :3

If you go to the YouTube channel "Jerma Stream Archive" it should have something like " Games" in the title and with timestamps in the comments for the individual games. IDK if the VOD would still be up, but if you prefer it and it is then the YouTube description has the original stream title so you can search for it too.

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Year late, but I don't see it anywhere else in this community forum and I needed the answer myself:

~.config/unity3d/Fishlicka/Juice Galaxy/saves

There should be json file(s) with your character(s) names.

Seems like ~.config/unity3d is just in general a good folder to check if you're playing a 3D game made in Unity.

Jerma985 played it recently! He didn't get very far so there have been some fun surprises in checking this out for myself :)

Cool game and cute art!

Would it be possible to display the leaderboards in a monospace font so it's easier to compare scores?

Cute game!

A good poem

Notable (hehe) stuff in mine is Frog Detective loves his magnifying glass and a hatted Crocodilian wears a boot on their tail!

Charming and funny!

Wow, hadn't really introspected on juice despite drinking it so much. Nice game.

Wow, that was a great game.

/ Spoilers Ahead /

I didn't think I'd find myself saying this about a game with such a silly premise, but the Diamond part really got to me. Even though it's short, it was a nice portrayal of dealing with toxic parents.

The Square part was also really nice, couldn't bring myself to use any of the mean options.

I really don't know how to put my feelings about this zine into words, and then choose which of those words I want to convey to its creator, and prospective fans reading the comments.

So here's a small piece of my thoughts that I could muster up at least:

This was important to me some months ago, before the missing pages were added, and then the missing pages were important to me today.

Also, Minibyte intrigues me a lot, spent a lot of time sending help requests.

Looking forward to the full game!