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some beats yo



omg this game is so amazing. I finally decided to check it out and I have to say, it was an amazing experience! Love this a lot!

Dude seriously I want to watch this as an anime hahaha!!!

Everytime one of your new works come out, I just get so excited. I have always loved your games and your art. They convey a lot. Stories and emotions. I will never forget your games, and that is a fact. Hahaha.

I also want to say that this game is the greatest thing I have ever played and experienced. The art and story was amazing, and you told this story really well. I have ZERO regrets purchasing this game.

This will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you for all the games you make and I'm looking forward to more of your stuff in the future! 

So fun! Love the art and the concept of this game!

Awesome game! Love it!

Absolutely cannot get over how amazing this is. Every game is breathtaking and the puzzles keep your mind wandering! Amazing game. Very unique and refreshing from all the other games I have played. Absolutely love the idea of the film and the game! 

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Sorry I'm stupid because I am so stuck right now. How do I run the game? I downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and installed everything and then I went to the Setup and installed everything too but now I'm stuck. I can't find where the game is and I don't know what to do ugh, someone please help! :(

WOW! Stunning! Beautiful game with amazing art and a great mysterious story! CANNOT STOP PLAYING! So so amazing! Great characters and choices! Amzing game that makes your brain explode AMAZING! I love this so much!!!

JHDKSFHJKAHJ SFAHJKhj skj fhkja OMG! (/0-0)/

OOooff you can really feel the awkwardness but anyways, this game is great haha I love it! Especially with the fact that Viktor and Yuri was in the game I LOVE IT!