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Sorry I'm stupid because I am so stuck right now. How do I run the game? I downloaded RPG Maker 2003 and installed everything and then I went to the Setup and installed everything too but now I'm stuck. I can't find where the game is and I don't know what to do ugh, someone please help! :(

WOW! Stunning! Beautiful game with amazing art and a great mysterious story! CANNOT STOP PLAYING! So so amazing! Great characters and choices! Amzing game that makes your brain explode AMAZING! I love this so much!!!

JHDKSFHJKAHJ SFAHJKhj skj fhkja OMG! (/0-0)/

OOooff you can really feel the awkwardness but anyways, this game is great haha I love it! Especially with the fact that Viktor and Yuri was in the game I LOVE IT!