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Si le prototype plait, alors ca me motive à développer plus ce concept ^_^. 
J'avoue ne pas avoir fait assez tester le jeu, donc les couleurs qui ne ressortent pas ne me derangaient pas. Du coup je prend note ^^

Ravi que ca plaise, ce projet avait pour but d'apprendre à utiliser le ray casting.
Pour finir rien de plus simple, court à droite vers les deux carrés orange, attend que le mari passe, et fuit :P !

Really nice, you forgot the bottom bound.  And enemies a running out of the screen

Really nice game. You should speed his lazy ass up a bit ^^

Doesnt work for me.

Fun, but you should notice us how to play XD

Nice start hope you ll finish it

Nice job, it s a really good game. 

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Hard to understand at first sight, but it s a nice idea. 

Nice prototype. Some problem occured when you are out of the field. But it s a nice start for a good game.
You are on the theme even if it s not finished. I hope you ll continue this game ;)