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Thank you very much! I'll be releasing the fix and some enhancements this weekend.

Great! I'm looking forward for it.

The game looks really nice! But since i'm not on Windows (I use Linux) i can't play it.

A multiplatform export or a web version would be perfect for that.

Keep up the great work!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I too though that this game could has some potential for growth.

Thank you very much!

The actual idea for the game was to "take the time" to look for the shards, I guess it's a bit of a niche genre ;- )

Thanks you! Glad you liked it.

I was thinking about some kind of sequel, maybe I'll try to make something on some other jam!


Gladly, I'll try it out!

Yeah, sorry about that, I'll be uploading the patch soon.

Great, thanks you!


Great point! I'll be sure to add a mouse hold in the next update along with a fix for the last shard issue.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for playing, sorry about that.

I already done some fixes and they're ready to be uploaded as soon as the jam ends.

Also, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

The idea of using a sound system is really great, I'll try when I review the game, a bit of tweaking of the shards location would make the game easier.


Thank you very much.


I would like to ask you if it's alright to submit a game to multiple jams.

I would like to participate to this weekly jam, the trijam and the 8 bits mouse jam.

Is there any problem if I do?

Hi everyone!

I've been wondering if I could submit my game to multiple jams, I was planning to participate to this trijam, the current weekly jam and the 8 bits mouse jam and submit to all of them.

 Would be okay if I do it?


Thanks! I'm happy to hear that!!

Thanks for the feedback! I might consider extending it further in the future.

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you very much! It was pretty fun to imagine how to move a lazy dog around.

Glad you liked the game!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I'm planning to tweak the gameplay and other parts, so please check it out after the votings!

Thank you! it was literally rushed since i came up with the idea just before the deadline.

I do want to make it a bit better, so i'll put some more time on it as soon as the voting ends.

Thank you! Yeah, it was a last minute idea.  ;-P

Thanks, glad you liked it!


Thanks! Glad you liked the game!

Thanks for the feedback!

I too tought of balancing the controls a bit better.

I'll surely do some fix and enhancements once the jam voting ends.