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I've played through this 3 times now, and I must say that this is perfect game to override the stress of the mundane world. If the shelves of Gamestop were full of games like this the game industry would be a wonderful place. I've played through some long winded dramatic visual novels on the PS vita over the years and I can honestly say none of them were anywhere near as fun as this. YOU ROCK!

A magical adventure VN that will take you to the depths of the ocean and back! As the story progresses the characters grow on you more and more and by the end you'll be wishing for another episode. Nicely done!

A good tactical scenario VN, the tension builds as the Northern invaders push closer and closer to your kingdom. Nicely done!

A good visual novel drama commentary on sub-culture shaming. When brainstorming for the "When in Rome" theme (I didn't wind up making a Visual Novel but...) my thoughts went to a similar place, with how conformity can cause larger groups to hate on lesser sub-groups. I enjoyed the dramatic dialogue and the good ending. Nice work!

A truly beautiful visual novel, both the story and the artwork are impressive. Great work!

This game is amazing, it's like playing through a b-movie sci-fi comedy. I think the world needs humorous visual novels like this. Great work!

Thanks for these helpful links! I haven't yet created a visual novel, but I plan to and I believe that these resources will be a great help.

An interesting story that keeps to the "When in Rome" theme. I like how the character focus shifts right at the beginning from carefree tourists to hungry homeless man.  Well done!