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Free Asset Sources!

A topic by Petalbook created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 1,413 Replies: 3
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As someone who did a lot of research myself for various uses-there's quite a few sources for those who aren't very good at arting for finding good, high quality art-for free! (Don't forget also has a lot of free packs!)

Note: CC-0 is short for Creative Commons 0 license. This means the piece is FREE to use for ANY PURPOSE! Without credit! It is still good to credit your stuff and where it came from. Always read what ways you can use a thing! ROYALTY-FREE DOES NOT MEAN FREE. Those may include a purchase but are free to use however once you have them! - CC-0 photo source. Ungodly amounts of free photos. - Lots of varying arts for all sorts of purpose. Not everything is CC0! Please read the requirements for each piece! Crap ton of free music. Free music Royalty-free music and a bunch of freebies. A resource for more music! Uncle Mugen's free VN backgrounds Music and sounds of all sorts!

Hope this helps!


Awesome! I would also like to recommend for free photos as well.

Thanks for these helpful links! I haven't yet created a visual novel, but I plan to and I believe that these resources will be a great help.

Thank you for this! I found it really useful.

Thanks so much for posting free content that you know of to share. I will be sure to read carefully to make sure if things are CC-0 or not.

Sharing is caring indeed!

Have a good day!