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Any updates as to when this game will be completed or is it abandoned?

 Their website is a dead link, they have not been active on twitter since April 2019 or Facebook since July 2019. Their tumblr page can't be found and they last updated on December 2020 on kickstarter about completing Tora's route but dead silence since then. This game was supposed to be completed in March 2019 but I guess they had something going on. Before December they posted monthly updates even if they were quite short. But there has been no word from them since the past 7 months. The backers seem to have lost hope due to the lack of response.

I really love this game and want to see it come to fruition and I really hope that they have not abandoned it. I can understand that things are tough during current times(especially since the artist seems to be an essential care worker) but atleast an update as to whether the game is on hold or abandoned or still in progress would really help

This game is so amazing! The artstyle, BG music and everything was great but the best part is that it's jam packed with content. The chapter itself I felt was a bit short but it was great. There were so many beautiful BGs, CGs and Sol is absolutely gorgeous and everything is so colourful and bright! I really liked that Sol was actually drawn instead of being just described as is the case in most VNs. The MC is nice and I like that you have the options to decide how you felt about your past and actually have a lot of choices that define your affection with the LIs without it being too obvious. The story was great too; the lore is built gradually instead of overwhelming you. As for the LIs, they seem to be quite intriguing but I can't pick a favorite yet! 

As for the grammar and writing, for the most part it was fluent but there were a few errors here and there. Like in one place, there was a sentence "She said that putting a funny expression, rolling her eyes". Maybe saying "she put on a funny expression" or simply "she rolled her eyes while making a face" would have been more correct. Other than that there are a few spelling errors but for the most part it's fine. Anyway, I loved this and can't wait for the next chapter to be released!

I love this game so much! It's so hard to believe that it's available for free. The story building was amazing and the characters are so well written. Usually I only play one or two routes when there are 4+ LIs but I played all of them here coz they're all so interesting. I didn't like the art style at first but then I saw the ample number of CGs which were all so beautiful. And the detailed walkthrough guide provided is so handy. The Extras part of the menu is also so fun to play. There were a few spelling errors here and there but not too many to distract you from the story. 

It's very hard to find Visual Novels like this which are both story rich and have 18+ content AND are free. This is a very rare find and I'm looking forward to more games from this developer.

I loved the demo! Everything I would want to say has already been said by hushibe. Looking forward to the full game. Just one question, will the whole game be available for free or commercial?

Looks so interesting! The artstyle is gorgeous. And I love that it's 17+ coz it's hard to find games that are both story rich yet a bit mature. Looking forward to the whole game!

I really liked the demo. It was the perfect balance between story and puzzles. I loved the art style! It's very crisp and reminds me of the Dark Dome mystery games. The animations are really good and the characters seem to have a lot of different background stories. I'm really enjoying the storyline and I like that the options show what emotion the MC can express. 

As for improvements, I know that this isn't based entirely around romance but I think atleast when the option to romance comes, the dialogues can be a bit more flirtatious. There was also one place, where "strict" was written as "stritch". I do have a few questions: Will the whole game be free or commercial? When will the whole game be released? I really enjoyed the demo and wanna play the whole game soon!

Amazing demo! I especially loved the art style and after playing the demo and reading the dev logs, it's clear that a lot of love has been put into this game. It's clear that Agatha has a lot to learn about herself and I love that the non romantic route is depicted as a journey of self love rather than just not being interested in the LIs.  Hope you guys  release the next update soon!

So cute! I'm waiting for the full game coz I want a good ending(which are currently not in the demo). I was hoping there will be a guide? Maybe not of all the choices but at least the ones that determine which route you end up on? Anyway, sweet game, looking forward to the whole game!

(SPOLIERS AHEAD) The guide was a bit confusing but here's the endings with the story:

Ending 1:(Don't Kill Caesar) You end up running away from the Syn with Caesar without restoring your memories

Ending 2:(Don't Kill Caesar) You end up running away from the Syn with Alto without restoring your memories

Ending 3:(Don't Kill Caesar) You end up trying to run away from the Syn but they kill you. You end up dead. Alternate- If you choose the exact same path but choose to kill Caesar, then you get ending 4 but without Alto

Ending 4:(Kill Caesar) You end up having your memories restored at the Syn and end up with Alto

Ending 5:(Kill Caesar) You end up having your memories restored at the Syn but your lover, Caesar, is dead. So you end up alone(?)

I'm in love with this game! The artstyle, BG music, art and everything is great. The story actually pulled me in and I was so disappointed when the demo ended. The characters are very interesting(the LIs as well as the side characters) and I can't wait to get to know them better. Alexander is my favorite though(loved his CGs).

 There are a few grammatical and writing errors but I didn't notice them until my second playthrough coz I was so immersed in the story. I like the MC too, she seemed to be trying to make the best out of what she can while staying strong. I just wanted to ask, Will the whole game be free or commercial? And any estimates as to when the game will be released?

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I loved the demo! This is so cute. All the characters are interesting(if a bit too dramatic and over the top but in a nice way) and well written. I love the CGs and the voice acting for those particular scenes is great. But the truly underrated character here is Gary's Friend, whom the MC narrates about in practically every scene. I don't know why I find that funny but I don't even know her name despite meeting her several times. I love the college setting and the backstories of each of the characters. There was a weird moment with that "Ameripan" thing which makes me wonder if there is like some sci-fi storyline in the full game. 

I'm looking forward to playing the full game, Hope you guys release it by the end of this year!

Edit: Cain reminds me so much of Caine from Tailor Tales, they are SOO similar

The demo is short but cute. There seems to a lot of male characters available as can be seen when you have a choice to increase affection with one of them. The story is certainly intriguing although my first impressions of some of the characters are not exactly good. The demo was too short for me to comment on the story as a whole, but the animations seem alright except for the MC's hair(There's just one weird wavy strand over her hair parting). The MC seems a bit too oblivious and innocent and I get that it's an adult game but gurl...that booty is unnaturally big, I feel like she'll fall over any second. Also, just because his last name is Brownman, doesn't mean he has to be a literal brown man. Anyway looking for forward to the next update!

The story and everything is nice and all but the game is extremely glitchy, especially if you wanna try all options. It's a pain to load the game coz the screen gets stuck on the load game screen and there's no rollback so you have to save the game but it's hard to load it. Sometimes the game gets stuck on a certain screen. I really do like the story and animations and voice acting but I'm not sure if it worth the constant glitching coz it takes away from the experience. Hope the issue gets fixed coz otherwise this is a great game

This is literally the best Visual Novel that I have ever played! I'm not even exaggerating. It's the perfect balance of humor, fantasy and romance. It takes you on emotional roller-coaster, switching from light hearted and funny to dark and scary in a moment. Never have I played such a game in which I actually laughed out loud at the character's banter or got tears in my eyes from reading some of the darker scenes.

The animation, music and everything was great. But the best part is definitely the characters and the way they are written. The conversation feels natural and it's clear that the MC is a very strong if a bit flawed character and I actually liked her. As for the LIs, I absolutely LOVE Ise. He's funny and flirty most of the time but when needs be he's observant and caring. The chemistry between him and the MC is off the charts. I wanted to try Ceres route too but after completing Ise's, I can't, I love him too much.
**SPOILERS ALERT**My only complaint is that there is a choice to ask Ise to let us go with him to the south demon's area but it's locked. At first I thought it was coz maybe I needed more affection points but even after replaying and picking options that increase affection with Ise, I still couldn't unlock it. So maybe a walkthrough pdf would be a good idea.

Anyway, I loved the game, and I am so looking  forward to when you release the whole game. Any estimates as to when it'll be released?

The demo was great, with things that I both liked and disliked. The BG music, art style, story and the characters are great. I really liked them all, I think they fit with the story well and are beautifully drawn. I especially love the art, it's crisp and neat and so good.

The only two things I don't like is the MC and her choices. Maybe it's coz it was just the demo but all the MC seems to do is sleep and eat and laze about. She seems a bit ungrateful and spoilt like she wants a promotion but is unwilling to work for it. Maybe this can explained in the full game(some character development and past experiences explained maybe) but for now she seems like a really obnoxious person. I know the developer's went for a realistic, flawed character but she comes off as really annoying. The second thing is that there were very few choices throughout the demo, but on the bright side, there were multiple options for each choice and each of them made a significant difference. I feel like if you add a few more choices, however small their impact on the story be, it'll be more interactive.

All that aside, I really like this game and am looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out.

Health care workers are great! I am so happy that you're not giving up on this game coz it's so cute. It's been a year so I just wanted to ask how are doing? Is the game still going on? Hope you're safe and healthy!

This game is most definitely a rare find. The story is uniquely compelling and I was so sad to reach the end of the 2 chapters. I feel like you can totally determine your relationship with any character to make them your favorite character. I tried to follow different paths using rollback or saving it to discover many more scenes because this is very vast game with a lot of consequences for your choices. The black white aesthetic is perfect for this story; maybe it's coz of the dark tale or the sad BG music but the whole vibe of this game is enchanting. I love this and can't wait for the other two chapters. My only complaint(well not really a complaint, more of a comment) is that in one of the CGs it seems that my MC looks like a guy even though I chose her to be a girl. Nothing against it, just an observation.

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After the second tattoo there is a scene with that hobo in the forest as well as a visit from a certain voodoo man...after that I don't know. I'm also stuck. Also if you let the minigame timer runout, you get an extra scene with coconut pirates

This looks awesome but I wish there was a female protagonist version of this

Wanna try out the game but can't extract it

How do I actually download this game? It shows only a torrent file with 28 kB

This was a wonderful demo! The artstyle is different and cute and the BG music is good. As for the story, the MC seems a bit reckless and makes some questionable choices like trying to run away in the middle of the night, into a dark forest, in front of everyone. The other characters seem fine, each with their own past and secrets. 

At the beginning, the characters seem a bit stereotypical (You've got the Arrogant A-hole, Flirty Playboy, Handsome Childhood Enemy, Sweet Innocent dude and Gaston look alike) but as the story progresses,  it seems different than the average visual novel. My favorite characters are Kadan>Thrace>Iandir>Aiden>Roxas(I just can't get over how much Roxas looks like Gaston, plus he seems to be a hunter).

I would love to play the whole game when it's released. I hope there is voice acting for the whole game coz I'm just addicted to Thrace's voice! There seems to be a lot of activity in the updates section these days so I hope the game is released soon!(No pressure tho) One question, will the whole game be released for free or available only for purchase?

Great game! The quality of the art, music and animations even of the backgrounds are beautiful. I love this and can't wait for the whole game.

However there are a few technical issues like after the wisp informs us of our tutoring session, my screen goes blank. Not sure if the demo ended or stopped loading coz I didn't get like an endcard or anything. Sometimes it's hard to exit the game or when I try to close it, my screen glitches a bit. Also, maybe I'm just doing it wrong but I can't do any other activity other than take a run in the Spring Quad during the weekends. But despite all that, it's a beautiful game and would totally recommend you play it!

Same. I wish there was a pdf guide provided. Maybe someone already made one?

I just finished playing this and I really like it. It was a bit confusing at first especially with all the terms but it started making sense after a while. The art is amazing and the music is sooo good! And I understand that times are rough right now so you may have stopped developing the game until further notice but I sincerely hope that you find the time and money to finish it. My only request is that if you ever do decide to give up on this game, please mention it in the description. I've seen too many good games abandoned without notice and don't wish that upon this game

The last reply from the developer on the English version was 3 years ago. Is it ever gonna come out?

Is it still being worked on?

I haven't played the demo yet but I've seen a lot of other games which have beautiful demos but the developers have abandoned it long ago, just frustrating me coz I was looking forward to playing the whole game. Just wondering if this game is also like that. If it is, the least you could do is mention it in the game description

It's been over 2 years. Please tell me if the game is ever gonna be finished coz I don't wanna get my hopes high for something that will never be delivered

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I absolutely love this. Some of the choices of the MC seem a bit wacky but all the plotlines of the characters are well written and I especially loved the background work for this game, both the artwork as well as the music. A few grammatical errors are there but not too many to take away from the experience. I played only Ren's route so far and the cliffhanger is killing me. Any estimates as to when the game will be completed?

Edit: I finished Louiver's route and there are a lot of mistakes both grammatical and plot related as well as spelling. SPOILER ALERT- At the end of chapter 6, Aaron calls MC to tell her Andrew is dead but again in Chapter 7 MC calls her again and is told that Andrew is dead like it's news to her. I understand that English isn't your first language but I would really suggest hiring someone to proof read coz it's a bit distracting to try and make sense of some of the sentences. Still love the game though!

That would be really helpful because this game seems really fun and interesting when I read about it by using a translator but the actual game isn't available in English