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Did you manage to beat the hydra?

the intro could use some voice over instead of the same music without sound effects and some vague stuff is happening also without sound effect

The game feels clumsy without proper visual and auditory feedback, and the music randomly changing and looping abruptly cutting off.

It feels like you're making a hades level game without some smaller enemies to train on.

When I managed to escape the level I was done.

You need to focus on the basics. What makes a game fun and interactive? Answer that first.

But this does mean converting the model, and some of your metadata will be lost, how shall we credit you?

+1 Compassion

Camera movement in intro is similar to how I made powerpoint presentations in grade 5. Aside from that the visuals are stunning.

The camera controls are absolutely delicious, even thought this is the most visually stunning game it is also the most fluent game. You cured my migraines with this.

Omnidirectional movement animations, noice.

Jumping animations are a bit goofy but I can't imagine doing better.

The lightning does the outside area perfect justice, there is a nice highlight on it too so you can't miss this beautiful outside view.

But oops! Light is coming from inside the bookcases instead of the lamps hanging on either side of them.

I hate the clipping on the bridge, there are railings clipping into bookcases too. Through the books.

Floating candle, sure.. Very lonely one at that.

Could've made a falling animation down the bookcases specifically for that section, then ended the game there, would've already been perfect.

Table is glitchy to jump on but the newspaper is a nice touch.

I figured it out so it might not matter but "explore the library" should be called "collect statues"

Woah, no invisible wall I can jump outside and respawn, WITH an animation? IGN GOTY.

Whoops, didn't learn how to crouch, no button prompts either for onboarding, guess I'll just end the playing here at this bookcase.

Just a casual painting flying clipping through the floor

After the rabbit parkour, there is a perfect place for more lore on a desk, but there isn't. Will look into this.

"Why are they following me, I did nothing wrong" relatable af.

Nobody is chasing you boy. There is no gameplay here, this is a walking sim, good job tho

I guessed that I could hang from the vines with absolutely no onboarding and I could. Go me!

YOU HAVE A SLIDING ANIMATION OMG Reuse it for the earlier part

When you make a short game like this, please stop being so vague and spiritual about your story. Think kindergarten book.

Crouch button is let go of ledge? Oh please.

The water section was really vague but I figured it out.

Talk to your mother? Is this some kind of reflection on someone's life story in the team? It feels really personal

Showcase level is in the final game? And the b button to go back doesn't work? Tsst.

Can't skip the intro's to the game? What is this, GTA San Andreas all over again?

Stuck at the options menu, can't change resolution, mouse gone, b button to go back doesn't work.

Finally pressed play after restarting 4 (!) times and found out it's a multiplayer game with no shared keyboard controls, meaning controller required. Dissapointed in terms of accessibility, and no warning up front about player count, and no way to change settings before setting up a party night of playing this with the BOIS. Rip.

You can talk to the ghosts? Or is that planned?

No graphics options whatsoever?

Voice lines are getting super cut off.

Camera is super laggy and character looks like he has the gmod. Rapidly tap the W button, then the S button and he'll moonwalk.

I think this game has a rough start but the journal looks incredible... IF I can quit of the journal... ARGHHH  that menuuuu

NAUSEA ALERT! Focus, THEN focus more, and I can finally go through the door. Why did I have to do that? Why did you give me motion sickness?

Crouch is fine. Cutscene is fine.

I can clip through a lamp, and text about "press e to pick up journal" clips through the subtitles instead of above it.

I hear the sound effect of my interaction with the lamp being complete, so I back out. Turns out you have to hold it LONGER than that. Why?

Why no background ambient music? I can give you some tabletop dungeons and dragons license free soundboard music if you'd like.

WHY does the cutscene still have my camera overlay?

Press space to >CLIMB< is more like it.

I never really got last apart from how to light the lanterns, well done!


Echoes of Silence more like Echoes of Why

No intro logos, just right into a low res menu without resolution or bordeless options, and a tiny audio slider, and weird quality button locations. Audio enabled? Could've fooled me! Having a tutorial is a huge step up though.

"This counter shows your scrap" Okay, and which button builds the minigun?

Kind of rough for the completionist when the tutorial forces you to take a small L.

Interesting that you do show all the game has to offer in the first 5 minutes, cars overloading, equipment placing and upgrading, train calling.

Ok so I press the sign contract button but the contract dissapears before I could see my stamp..

Do I get bonnuses for calling waves early?

My biggest complaint is that the monsters appear out of thin air, and there is no way to set target priority for turrets, and the game ends very abruptly without showing you any kind of score.

I can't choose the car I hand in!?!?! Well goodbye maxed out car..

So far this seems like the most complete game, in terms of design intent and art direction, but the gameplay depth seems lacking.

Not the creator but..

1. Seems non-essential but I think a rolling sound, unless you're an expert sound designer, would distract more than help. I know when I'm rolling and when I'm not.

2. That's because you can't jump/dive while in roll mode often, or when slightly in the air.

4. This is still an issue in an otherwise mostly fast-paced game.

5. I suggested fun hats but we'll see ^^

Custom cursor would go a long way

Even thought this game is made for controller, at least add a little tab so I can see what buttons on the keyboard work for it. There are plenty people who rebind buttons on controller as well so no need to restrict the player.

Camera is good, no "unreal delayed-jump quirk".

Kind of annoying how just pressing shift, moving then pressing E (standard gamer behaviours) are rewarded with an NUH-UH sound. Seems silly.

Nice visual and sound reward, and pop-up for getting coins! Best I've seen so far. Graphics are also nice and look highly detailed no matter how you zoom in.

Character has nice idle animations, and so do the coins and barriers.

I assume the barrier was a wall, but it was a checkpoint, could've indicated that better.

Can't see the sun, so where the heck is the light coming from? The rocks? But the rocks are dark.. You have to always think of spatial logic.

.. Okay you have lost me. Why on earth do I need to stay DUCKED to collect see-through coins? Want a free solution? = BURRY the coins that you can only pick up when rolled, then add a nice "dig"/"uncover" animation if you pick them up in burried mode! (and the coins you cant pick up will be too high)

Okay so I tried to go into roll mode and I flung off the side and have to do the weirdly sounding jump pad again..

The first 4 were annoying, as I just walked over them, pressed roll button, unpressed roll button and vice versa to pick them up. Rolling off the cliff is fun but make it so you can't roll back up please, otherwise there is no stakes since you can just go back up and pick up missed coins.

The level transition was pitch black, very weird.

The respawn sounds and looks like an old timey photograph sound and visual effect. Doesn't really fit for this modern style.

The coin on the right platform on level 2 is annoying to pick up.

...And my music cut off.. Talisman Artisan doesn't have this problem.

The journal UI is very impossing and hard to read, make it thinner like a website, so you don't have to strain your eyes too much.

Running into corners makes the character stand still like a t-pose, maybe add a bump-against-wall animation?

It's really frustrating to land the jump pad hit perfectly.

Temple level, I was hoping to go down the middle but I get punished for it. I see nice sights, I want to go but I die :(

Give me something to spend my coins on! Maybe a hat?!

The game is very fluid. So these performance issues on my RTX 4090 are unacceptable!!

Did I miss something or are there no more journal entries?

The temple inside, there is a jump that if you miss it while on a roll while dashing, it's impossible because the jump pad faces outwards. pls fix

The big slide down with the large conveyor belts is frustrating. I expect to slide left then right but i just fall left every time.

Okay the upwards bouncing pad into spikes is mean and childish..

There is no visual clarity between backwards and forwards facing conveyor belts. Just make them green and blue!

Okay the big tunnel, more like the big fail. First, I can't dive while in roll mode, so I have to unroll, aim above the first jump pad, and then dive, aim for the next and so forth. Tedious in a fast paced game. Then comes the big tunnel. I jump in it for fun and I can see THROUGH the level into the void. Rookie move. Then at the end I just die because I jumped too much.

The cutscene at the end was a nice treat tho

Even Talisman Artisan had a borderless mode, it's kind of essential when I want to tab out to make notes on this game.

It wasn't super clear at first, but the character select screen is interesting, although it seems that going in blind, this game is unclear that you need 2 players to play. No error, no warning, nothing. I don't have a 2nd controller, or a way for someone with parsec to join in on their keyboard, or to have at least half the keyboard be for the other player. (how did you playtest this game, always 2 controllers?)

Sloppy that I don't get a warning but I can't test anything in this game, so I can't judge it.

And then they talisman artisan'ned all over the place

A 240p video made it really hard for me to learn this game. It's like that one meme where someone makes a dark souls boss and only includes a link to a youtube video in it.

I'm completely lost on what to do in the main world, I'm thrown in without any tutorial or basic guide, and even picking flowers has no visual effect, they just vanish..

Is there a reason you couldn't use basic sound effects?

I think I ended up crafting some kind of letter? But with no information popups on even the towers I am beyond lost. And the lack of information on what this game can even do doesn't help, that's why a lot of games have the end game included in the tutorial, so you get a quick taste of how a decked out epic battle in the game would take place and to get you excited, but the fact I can't progress or even build a first tower (can I even build towers) means I don't know what the game should look like after I DO figure it out.

Can this game PLEASE have ctrl+z, an undo+redo button, word descriptions for the solutions (still don't know what that man standing on a plank with wheels is supposed to be, after the mailbox) and not have to click the text box, but can start typing and keep guessing without using my mouse.

Lots of spelling errors and grammar errors.

Useless quality sliders, you can just click 4 buttons no need for that extra slider

The sliders for sound are too thin

Buttons don't feel satisfying to click, even a little sparkle or depress animation would do it

Camera is extremely obnoxious, it gave me a bit of dizziness.

The floating button prompts are paperthin, this doesn't look good, and don't account for pc inputs. Even though you recommend controller, some people use physical aid devices to control videogames, so any button prompts should display the actual bound key (even if it is like mouse4 or something), and not your own preset key image. Heck, I recommend getting rid of the prompts altogether, and making the dialogue boxes pop up automatically (but with an easy way to skip it)

It's too easy to accidentaly leave the controls information popup. I click twice on the "keyboard" tab and it's gone.

"Unreal-quirk ghost jump": When you press and let go of the jump button, then during said jump animation press and let go of the jump button again, the character jumps one additional time, delayed. This feels foolish.

The bouncing off obstacles your character slams into is satisfying though.

The dive jump seems like it was taken inspiration from, from Mario 64. I would have preffered some interactivity here, manually deciding when to jump after the dive with the jump button.

I like the collectables, satisfying to see and pick up. Would have preferred them more grouped up and spread in fun ways though, like finding a cluster of them, so you walk in a small circle to collect 5 of them for example.

And yes I made the dive jump with a regular jump. I tried the stick jump but it was very hard. I only later figured out you have to jump, then use the stick..

I don't think using an intended gameplay mechanic can be called "unconvential", mr dialogue box.

You should lock the character for dialogue boxes.

The water looks nice, but a bit too much like resin.

I hit the spikes but nothing happened? No red effect around the screen or nothing..

When you introduce a gimmick like the stick jump, usually you would make a puzzle game around it. I would have loved a pogo trampoline mechanic.

Overall, pretty unfun considering you force the player to play and execute moves to get the objective stones exactly how you want them, with no real freedom of choice.

I bet at some kind of public demonstration of this game, there were a lot of "don't worry just skip this stone, noone here could get it either"