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this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Whats up bro:

1. I never programed the shop button. Heck, I never made a shop. I was too lazy.

2. The helicopter crashes when you run out of fuel. You probably didn't collect any fuel, so crashed when the gas meter reached 0.

Hmmm Lemme check out these games. Thanks for the feedback! Not a lot of people comment on my games, this is new! You're saying to not have the plane scroll in a predefined direction, but can move any direction they like and have the camera follow instead of just moving horizontally? I like that idea actually! That may require some work, but I think the game would be a lot more interactive and fun for the player, that way they would more easily dodge attacks.


I've played before! However, the multiplayer server that i use for Airplane is very laggy, and so is the game. It's not playable on most devices, and the only people on the servers are myself. :( As you can tell, I worked more on the 2D game mode. The multiplayer was just a test, and for a youtube video.

Do you have any suggestions for the offline mode?


I still have the project files, but I need ideas on what to make


I got 21

boi watchu talking 'bout



hi i am a god

Could use some snails, but overall a healthy game.

Yeah, I didn't add a shop. That button is just there to make it look cool 😋

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This is a game I've made with Unity. It is available on Android, as well as today!

Helibot is about a helicopter who has to dodge scaffolding, metal beams, rockets, and save workers from their imminent doom. It is a fun arcade mobile game for everyone!

Check it out today.


hello i'm sullybully on scratch



When I submitted the game, there was an option to select a game that was made before the game jam. I selected Airplane.

Hi! I watched the video, thanks for playing my game!

It lags quite a bit. I'm rotating my mouse around but its not rotating along with it.

muiltiplayer game thingy

Thanks! I didn't have a lot of time for the musical side of the game, so I just slapped together what I could

hah no only the multiplayer world was made in a week. check out the video on the page

Thank you! Is FFA (the skyscraper map) laggy for you?

Thanks, multiplayer is kinda laggy though, and nobody goes on

That's awesome! I love the graphics. (I'm never using godot over unity though haha)

Can you post the link

oh yeah! I remember you


nope :P

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1221 meters

someone reported me for posting a link to my website ;-;

I made this game in scratch in 3 days. Use the arrow keys to move, and bounce on platforms to get to the highest place.

I made all the art myself in adobe photoshop and animate. Its pretty good, but I want you to see it for yourself!

so i made a game like geometry dash in scratch. what do you think of it?

try to dodge walls along to the beat by clicking or pressing any key. the beat drop gets pretty sick

make sure to sub

eyy you watched the video good man

idk whats wrong with it, you have to use the up button on the screne, its in the middle