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Actually I think (like you) that you put enough contextual help. The difficulty, I think, comes more from the quantity than from the lack of it. I think that is kind of tricky also, because your descriptions are fun and part of the narrative of the game, so removing them removes narrative at the start of the game also, but maybe you just need more slow pacing and some way of like making sure the player has to do some action (and learn to do it well in the process). Idk really, just guessing lol. (Im a Philosopher so this was like the first game I tried!) 

I loved the thoughts descriptions and everything about the concept. :D

It was fun to play and thats what matters! :D Just one question.... why is the map like... kind of circular? 

I really loved the game. Make new levels please! Also you could add a Credits Scene where you put some info about the paintings :D

A very good concept. I could not think about the letters and my main language is not english so it was harder, but I manage to survive a bit by getting some easy 3-letter words. That was unsustainable quickly, because I left a lot fo holes... Maybe you can do "gravity" or something like that when you make a word, so the letters above just go down and maybe make new words so you could plan ahead...?

Great music and a crazy idea! Hard to get used to both mechanics at the same time! Maybe make it a little bit easier in the first level by showing clear lines ? (so we guess a powerfull enemy is comming when the guy that jumps through lines appears)

Regardless of the wall colliders missing its a great excercise and the shooting and speed makes it fun to play. I want more levels!

Is this a cooperative game? Cuz there is only 1 result in points. I liked the art and the idea, you could add some kind of tracking of how many times each summo hit the onigiri so they have separate scores and thats it. They will fight to hit it :D

Nice Idea. I had the same problem of pfail (previous comment)... But also had some issues discovering how mechanics of "doing damage" to enemies worked. ¿Can you hit an enemy directly with your thoughs or you can just hit enemies thoughs? 

Great intro, great idea. Defeating enemies on flight would be my next step for sure. Cool game! 

We tried it in group. Mixed feelings about the cat weird sound. We liked the music and the graphics. I would suggest lowering the difficulty (enemy hp) so you can learn this new weird mechanics :D

I liked the music. Although I though it was a pig :) I would suggest that the dog fires towards the mouse direction, but that would not work in the controller version. 


I agree with @Cleto Thar. Comments like this makes us so happy that we will keep hitting the keyboard!  And... we will find you and use something of you in our games lol. Let's put everyone in there!   

Thanks! We will for sure! Just need to learn more and more and get others to join us! 

Thanks! About the interpretation.... well, we tried. :D

Yes, I would suggest doing a first level really introductory to the mechanics... you can even have 1 level without the rising water/lava so you present that danger in the second or third level and that makes it more engaging to the player... because he/she though it was all easy and cannot accept too loose his previous success feeling. :D

Great game. I loved the sounds and art. But I will definitively suggest lowering the distance between jumps at the beginning. Iplayed 6 times without passing 3rd jump.  :(

Great idea.

I love the aesthetics a lot. I have to say that I also had problems to manage difficulty hehe. Died a lot. 

Well done!

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It was made by @Cleto Thar:D

Lack what? Great game guys. Having fun is what matters. 

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I have to admit, the "I said Fall, not Fail!" make me cry. 

Great name and idea. The game is still kind of buggy but i manage to make 50 points. (Check when you spin the shapes, if you are on the edges, the letters sometimes go past them and fell outside the game area.