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really liked this, feels like a lot of the conversations i've been having with friends the past few years and the visual storytelling is great. thanks for sharing this!!

HUGE CONGRATS ON 500 DOWNLOADS that's amazing!!! i love this game and i'm happy that so many others get to experience it as well, thank you for sharing your work!

i'm so excited for trophies, it sounds amazing. i love how you write weird weird girls i'm so looking forward to this!!!!!!

SUUUCH A COMPELLING STRANGENESS CHARACTER!!!! the weak move to cross out strong moves is so clever and cool and thematic-- i love the phoenix!!

so cute!! all of the outfits are beautiful and your art is so expressive! thank you for sharing!

absolutely ecstatic about this game!!!! 

incredibly cool addition to the sleepaway canon, the potential with this strangeness is off the charts. will make an excellent addition to any game!!

this ritual really solidifies the roaming fen's themes and i adore it. the language used to express the ebb and flow of being surrounded by memory is evocative and, pun intended, draws you in. super excited to implement in future sleepaway game!!!

this is my absolute favorite 2 player game, bar none. it's easy to pick up, easy to play, and gives you the most simple tools you need to tell a great epistolary story through the lens of fandom. i try to get all of my friends to play it with me, and the ones who do have made some memories for life. 

the real fun of this game lies in the "make your own fandom" option, and i highly recommend that for anyone who's considering playing. filling in the context of this fake fandom's canon simply through comments and even snippets of fic is such an organic and inspired avenue of improv.  it's inspired some ocs that i hold very tenderly to my heart. my friends and i have devoted pages and pages of google docs to bishounen fishing mech anime from the 90s, to mobile dating sims about meeting and courting boys throughout time.

all in all, end notes is an incredibly earnest and fandom-literate love letter to fan spaces, and it makes my heart sing. please download and play this one, you'll love it. 

the concept of a world in miniature is already such a cool nature concept, but i'm really enticed by a lot of the implications therein that it's a place the player will know quite intimately! the theme of nostalgia is really interesting-- thank you for sharing such a charming nature!

i hope it's okay to ask this question here but who did the art for this larp's thumbnail? love the premise!

i've transcribed it to the best of my ability, with minimal formatting in the event that i've written anything out incorrectly!

i love to see themes of repetition and weird time, it's really exciting to see in a sleepaway setting!! really effective theming, great aesthetic elements and evocative, stylish writing. i love this supplement!

i LOVE the creativity of making a real physical thing (especially one that can end up goofy or fall apart) together and a paper garland is such a cute and accessible craft to put together!! really well out-lined and thematically satisfying!