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this is my absolute favorite 2 player game, bar none. it's easy to pick up, easy to play, and gives you the most simple tools you need to tell a great epistolary story through the lens of fandom. i try to get all of my friends to play it with me, and the ones who do have made some memories for life. 

the real fun of this game lies in the "make your own fandom" option, and i highly recommend that for anyone who's considering playing. filling in the context of this fake fandom's canon simply through comments and even snippets of fic is such an organic and inspired avenue of improv.  it's inspired some ocs that i hold very tenderly to my heart. my friends and i have devoted pages and pages of google docs to bishounen fishing mech anime from the 90s, to mobile dating sims about meeting and courting boys throughout time.

all in all, end notes is an incredibly earnest and fandom-literate love letter to fan spaces, and it makes my heart sing. please download and play this one, you'll love it.