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Yeah, I hid the downloads but now they're back!

it do be like that.

if it's the first loading screen with the blue background then just refresh whenever it stops

if it's the other loading screen just wait  patiently

Hello, I want to try to play the new week 7 on newgrounds but my fps is mostly 11. Anyway of increasing this? Like inspect element or changing resolution?

Wasn't able to extract the file. Such a shame. Would've love to play it.

So luckily you uploaded the actual zip file. When I played the game, I was mostly confused. I dunno if there is a way to win it. Don't give up and do better next time.

So when you make a Unity game, you shouldn't just upload the .exe, .dll and the unity crash handler. You also need those two other folders. Hopefully you will learn from this and perhaps make a postjam version

I can tell this is unfinished. I pressed random keys and it only seems like v and b keys do anything. It's a shame this didn't got finished. Perhaps you should work on a postjam version?

Good job! I really enjoyed this one. This is the best I played so far. Tho, I wish you made it a bit more easy. Didn't managed to finish it. Some hitboxes are also too big. Other than that, great game!

Good job! I really enjoyed this one. This is the best I played so far. Tho, I wish you made it a bit more easy. Didn't managed to finish it. Some hitboxes are also too big. Other than that, great game!

As everyone else say, we can't play your game. Sorry D:

Nice game but there are some flaws. I would love to see destruction happening when you burn too much. But then again this is a 48 hour game jam so good job on finishing your game!

I like the art and music! But, it's too easy to say the least and not challenging enough. Would love if the difficulty got more hard as time goes on. It should have a high score too. Nevertheless, good job!

Yea, and the left side becomes too easy. But thanks for the feedback

Thanks for your feedback! I might return to this game to fix the problems in a post-jam version and try to make the shooting side of the map more fun. I will also be adding more unique enemies, upgrades and more towers. I might also add another side of the game. But yeah, not really as good as it could've been.

If you are confused, check out the game page to view the tutorial.

Estou usando o google translate, mas sim, eu deveria ter colocado um tutorial. Como não tive tempo, coloquei apenas na descrição da página do jogo.

I will be uploading my game next month since I'm currently working on another game jam game! I like the optional theme, heritage so I will use that.

if it to reduce lag, can I would agree.

I disagree with number 2 unless there're expensive things to buy.

Still in floor 9 ;-;

I made it to floor 10. Then I die :(

If you continue this game you better continue fair n square. That game didn't got the love it needed.


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Nice Game! Only complaints are:

1. Coins are HARD to get so make their size bigger.

2. Please don't choose colours that are hard to see (the blue enemy's bullets was hard to dodge since the colour blended too well)

3. Minimap need to show corridors or at least explored rooms.

4. Needing to point to dash is a bit strange. I like to dash based on the direction you're moving to so i can shoot and stay away but that might be a design decision. Actually I'm getting used to the dasing, sort of. The one thing I don't like about it is that you can't tell when your dash recharge. Perhaps change the colour of the triangle.

5. Breaking crates with your dash doesn't always break.

6. Continue the game, like what you did with Balls? (since it's equally addictive)

7.I reached floor 7 and it said "oh shit" below the time.

Like the game! Though, the jet pack sound is a little too loud and I got stuck at 216 bolts when there was someone that wanted 320 bolts. I found bolts to the left but I never got to knew how to get them.

No problem and sorry for the late reply.

Oh ok! Sorry for the late reply, I don't usually check notifacations. Good luck with your next game! Hopefully it'll become successful :)

Hey sorry to ask, but are you continuing developing games? It's been a few months since you develop this game.

Nice short game! I like the ending. My main complaint would be that I experience severe performance issues. It only happends when the overworld is shown. I don't know if this is just my computer or what but when it just the text box at the beginning and end, it runs smoothly. Another complaint would be that I wish there was some audio and the names of the characters were shown in the text box. Also, you should tell the player that you can ask the other person if you want to keep the stone / not keep the stone because I only asked one and was expecting a choice but all I got was him saying "Are you sure you want to change the stone path?" without really telling there's another choice by asking the other guy. Anyway, sorry for the long comment! I hope it wasn't to mean. Again, I like the game!

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OH MY!! You actually cared about moders. We appreaciate it.

Once playing the game a bit more, the sword attact is actually good since you can spam it. As for the end, I know this is for a game jam but I would like the final boss to be lock until you killed all the enemies (since it's death's task for you to do so) and I wish door you just open won't be lock in the next room.

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Quite good! Would like some audio and a health system to show how many hits you can take before you die. I also wish you can restart the game after a game over but I guess it's for the game's feel. The doors also need to indicate that they're locked and you need to increase the range of the sword attack.