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I downloaded but when I went to play the game, the mouse moves the room around but keyboard (E), (R) or (T) does nothing.  I don't understand how to use the controls.

That's fantastic! I'll go download right now and check it out. Thank you!

Sweet,cute and right to the point. Great ending!!! Thank you.

It's not a game. It is his artwork. I wanted to play this also.

Fatal Error File D etc

Curiosity is the key!

Save game would be an asset and very helpful in order to explore and having to leave the game in order to continue where the player left  off at.

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Started the game first and hitting the space key as suggested. Restarted the game and it was more Intriguing  and more  interesting to travel through  the right corridor first and continue on to the last room. You should only allow the player to explore to the last room of the corridor before allowing them to "PRESS THE SPACE KEY TO TRAVEL" before continuing into the game play . For example check out Dream of Me Demo. The player travels before getting to play in the game. This will get their curiosity up. I could not figure out to write you without posting here. Please feel free to contact me to delete this post if you cannot delete it and my suggestion helps your game performance.

Sometimes the misspelled words are humorous and most  players undersatnd. Ty for such a GREAT 5 star game!!!!!

You have to play this one, Have fun my friend.

Using PC windows 8 (only because I hate Windows 10 on my new laptop)..... So far screen option is difficult to toggle

Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent!!!! 5 Star game. IEnjoyed your game VERY much. I have played many many many, etc. many escape games. Yours is very unique and though a short game play, enjoyed it more than any others I have played. I hope you create more just like this one.

I loved your narrating. Great voices for the charactors. Thank you for the most enjoyable watching. :)


winsetup downloaded with the game gave you windows setup with different resolutions. I found 3 out of 5 endings. Can't seem to figure out the last 2 and found no secrets :(

No it didn't. I do hope you are going to be creating more games. If so I will be looking forward to playing them. :)

So this game cannot be played on PC unless you have a game controller? If so I am so so disappointed I won't get to play it because I do not own a game controler :(

Cute game although I wish the stones moved better.

Yes I found Too Many Mouths, Thank you and I will also check out the others even though I don't speak write or read spanish. Thanks for creating!

You didn't need to kill Rocky :( Very disturbing to beloved pet owners. But LOVED your game otherwise.

I agree. Poor little Rocky :( Didn't like that part AT ALL! But it was a descent game except for that part. I look forward to watching you play more games. Love your narrating!

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LOL All done. Thank you again. I wouldn't  mind seeing more of these. It was very interesting to play.  I give you 5 Stars. AND I liked the music too. Now I am going to leave the game on in the background just to hear the music while I surf the web or busy on my computer paying bills etc. Thanks!

Nice little game. Thank you!

There is a walkthrough guide...

There is a walkthrough guide...

I give this game a 5 Star. It is a really good game for children to play.  Help them follow instructions and a life lesson too. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

I don't think all the luck in the world is going to help me solve the final puzzle. Maybe you could please email me another hint.

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Out of curiosity I went visiting. My character got stuck in the old man's house next door to little girl's house. Door closed before I got out then I couldn't leave. Right click of my mouse let me see my mail truck with message saying Go Home. When I let go of right click I couldn't see it. I could see the front yards and if I clicked around, the big white circle was there on the lawn. I could tell my character was following but could not see him. It was sort of funny that he got stuck in the grouchy old man's house. Btw it was funny because I could just imagine the old man chasing me around swinging his cane at me. LOL

ME too :(

Downloaded, unzipped. Unzipped folder gave me another folder named Umbrella, that folder gave me another folder named Umbrella, then that folder gave me an Engine File Folder, a Team_18_Working File  Folder, a Manifest_NonUFSFiles_Win32  Text Document and a Team_18_Working Application 170 KB (this file has a  white U emblem in a dark blue circle).  When I click the application folder nothing happens.

Ok happy I finally figured out how to get red but now  I am REALLY stumped.

Definitely a 5 STAR game. Thank you!!!

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Ok I got the yellow to drop and I know how I did it. I got the blue, kind of know what I did. But don't have a clue about the red. ???. Ok I DO know how I got blue. Still stuck about red. Can you give any clues?

Mysterious is so right. I am totally confused as to what to do in this game.  Can you help me out a bit? Thank you.