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I remember creating my own rumours, just to see how far they'd go.

Amazing what can happen when people want to believe something.

Arrows seem to work fine for me.

1) *Hold* right Click to draw bow. Not drawing back bow enough will cause misfire.

2) Left click to fire.

3) Release right click.

Repeat as needed.

Solid wave battler. Enemies temporarily flee if hit, which makes sense, but not seen often in games.

Took me eight loops to save the world. I kept playing because I felt that there was so much more in the world on offer, and there was. I had saved the world, but had I *seen* the world? The city of beginnings is only a small facet of a larger picture, and the enemy not as you would expect.

20 loops to finish the damn book, lol!

One thing though. If you do get to loop in the company of someone else, why not have them loop too? Seems like an exponential level of tracking, I suppose?

Such a happy and fun minigame! I love that you can shoot the cat twice.

Reminds me a lot of my own cat, that pretending like he's starving to death whenever there's some nice food about.

I haven't cracked 100 yet, but I hope something cool happens.

I wish that when the eyeballs occupied the same square, or simply crossed over that they attacked each other, or simply exploded!

I walked into an eyeball when it was stunned, hoping to eat it like Pacman, but I died! The next run, one eyeball stayed blue the whole time.

Quite a lot of hands where all three cards want you to walk into a monster, just different amount of steps.

Did not crash on my potato computer.

Not bad demo.

Haha! I won't make it easy to love me!

Preface: For folks trying to find this on the android storefront (and not the above link), variations of "Re:shape & Reshape" did not bring me to this game. However, "Re:shape Funigami" did. Be sure to add "Funigami" into your searches.


Game begins in a fairly typical office environment, albeit paradoxically futuristic and retro at the same time. Typical office hi-jinx ensue, which progressively become more sinister as the technology problems escalate, speeding the world into inevitable collapse.

Gory, sexy and sinister, I highly recommend this visual novel.

A wonderful sentiment. A person's works are a part of them, and need not be discarded!

I don't want to sound condescending, but have you tried the browser plugin?


If that didn't work, my next step would be to get my hands on an old windows laptop and install the trial version, which should also install the necessary system files to run the game.

A windows virtualization system on mac may also work.

I'm pretty sure I made the right choice, I reflect over some spicy noodles.

Dig a bit guys, this game more than just walking around. Be sure to stick around for the afterword.

Please rate this game folks!


I've never played the Cdi version, so I can't comment on a comparison to that, only as a game in it's own right.

The sprite work overall looks pretty great and the music is very nice. I feel like the wand should appear to be part of the character sprite.

Combat is problematic. Items seem to spawn at the finish of the monster movement cycle, rather than where they were vanquished. This leads to items being dropped in inaccessible places, and in walls. It would be nice if monsters reacted to being hit somehow, like flashing, or being knocked back. Pushing a button to pick up items is a little strange to me.

I also had an error when trying to load a saved game. Was in temple, just a few screens after collecting the boots. I saved on a screen that had the lightning blocking the doorway.

I can tell this is still in development, but I think this will turn out great with some polish. Good luck, and I hope Nintendo lawyers stay away!

Received leadership training by talking with a fossil. 10/10

Are you going to behave?



Are you going to behave?


*Closes window*


I think you are right on the money with putting the casual difficulty at around 20-25 rounds.

If I think about how many rounds, possibly that could be determined by selecting a difficulty level at the beginning?

How about casual (no one likes selecting difficulty titled 'easy') 25 rounds, hard 50, Ultimate 67 (level 66.6?). Names of difficulty should be related to fighting?

Perhaps difficulty named like: Amateur Boxer, King of Iron fist, Fist of steel, Hundred hand hitter? (Second one is trademarked to Tekken, I think).

Perhaps you could pull an old school game trick, fight every fodder back to back in Ultimate difficulty, fight the final boss, then reveal the TRUE END? Gotta have an ending!

Had a bunch of fun playing through this, it becomes an exercise in physical endurance after a while! Managed to get to level 62 before my wrist and fingers had enough!

The art is great, and I gotta say, I think this is the best 'Fist of the north star' like game I have ever played.

The announcer adds a level of immersion, love it.

Some thoughts on how I'd structure it:

(Skippable) Intro: Shows dude, then good guys (at least 5). Introduce mechanics. Show 'fodder' bad guys (at least 5), then a partially obscured view of floor 100 boss.

Perhaps a boss level every 10 levels or so? After boss level, press a button to continue, to rest fingers and wrists for a bit (or allow call of nature!). Show dude doing weights, having tea with granny (pinky out!), petting the dog, etc while waiting for button push.

Then there has to be an end game. Does he end the darkness by killing Cthulhu?

Anyway, whatever direction you guys choose, I'm looking forward to have another 'punch' at it!

Wish-listed. Looking forward to a crack at a demo in the future.

Even better if I could run it on my PlayStation/PSP (I can dream).


Dang, can't play the thing. Doesn't scale properly. Full screen doesn't put the whole thing on my screen.

I have the most common screen resolution on earth: 1366 x 768.

Take my money.

It sounds very much like the making of this game was a terrible ordeal. But you pulled through to the finish line, and have created a splendid tribute to PT. Congratulations on a job well done, and for goodness sake stop kicking yourself! You did in fact "earn it" (attention) by putting in the hours of work! Who else?

Recharge your batteries, but don't wait too, long as the spotlight doesn't last forever! (Although you could probably jump-start attention again by re-releasing Hyper PT finished later).

Don't be discouraged from doing Hyper card projects in the future, as you have done (probably) the hardest part as of now; figuring out the software tools. I for one would be interested in seeing different horror stories in the future presented in this medium.

Anything 80's has been hot for a good while, and appealing to the nostalgia of people who were there, or those who still enjoy the products of the time, often pays off.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I'll be watching my feed. Stay safe and COVID-19 free.