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Thank you for the helpful feedback :) In future I definitely intent to have a prefabbed "input map" setting for users to define controls that will work for them (especially if people need specialised controllers). 

Thank you so much for playing it! I really appreciate your feedback. Hopefully next time I'll be a bit faster with Godot haha

I loved everything about this :D An almost SCP-inspired atmosphere with really cool UI/visuals. great job!

Very cool, almost meditative experience. Loved the lore and creature concepts as well as the premise. Good job :D

I really enjoyed it. Gave me Castle Wolfenstein/Doom vibes the whole time. Also enjoyed the tree visuals :) well done!

Wow! I loved the atmosphere, art, and story. Also, great job placing the floor holes (very sneaky!). 10/10 :)

Thank you :) yeah haha if you went up first then it was pretty much done :P

Yeah, the idea was that you would reach the goal tile and be presented with a "fragment" of yourself where you choose an enhancement like speed, or remote control of triggers etc. I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much for giving it a go :) Yeah the mouse stuff was meant to be for activating tiles and stuff that you couldn't physically reach but I ran out of time. I really appreciate the time you took to play it!

Had an issue with the downloads. Linux and Windows need the *.pck files with the exes. My bad, first time actually exporting Godot projects :)

My bad :/ should be fixed now

Loved it. Just the fact that the music get interrupted when you hit something was enough incentive to try and play perfectly, but that was only possible by really getting into the music. Would be awesome to share a cool track that you discovered for others to play.

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

This was awesome. Innovative concept, great art, and great music.

This is great! Really soothing to play while listening to music