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Know your worth dude - this set is an amazing piece of work and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Thanks for your support!

I’m afraid the short answer is no, or at the very least “I doubt it”.

The longer answer is: I don’t know what parts of Libresprite’s API are compatible with Aseprite’s API, if any. This extension also relies on Aseprite’s CLI to handle Lospec’s “Open In App” links, so that feature would almost certainly not work in Libresprite.

Thank you kindly!

Weird, but okay! Keep me posted if you run into anything else, and feel free to submit an issue to the GitHub repo if you hit any other snags. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

Hey again,

I just got another reply from user @PhoenixTamer who’s been running into the same issue on Windows and they found out that Avast was preventing the script from executing properly (likely because it relys on curl under the hood, but that’s a guess). I’m not sure if that’s what you’re up against, but it’s possible that your AV is being overzealous.

Oh no kidding! Good find! I wonder if that’s what the other user is running into as well. Definitely not a waste of time - this is good info to have. Glad you’re enjoying the extension, always feel free to reach out. I appreciate your support.

Okay, that helps thanks! I tested the Windows version on the Steam version of Aseprite so I’m wondering what’s different.

No worries! Thanks for understanding. I’ve gotta get a Linux VM or something up and running to do some more testing once I have some free time. I appreciate your support and patience!

This seems like a path-related issue with the Steam version of Aseprite. Mind if I ask where your Aseprite executable is located? @Merrow’s Cowl is running into the same issue on Linux, so this is helping me narrow it down further.

Thanks for the report. Based on the information from you and @PhoenixTamer, it seems like there’s something up with a file path somewhere when using the Steam version of Aseprite. This should give me a place to start looking.

That said, I don’t currently have a Linux machine (virtual or otherwise) set up for testing, so I can’t 100% guarantee Linux support with this extension, but I’ll do my best!

Thank you, that helps! If it’s every name you try then I can assume it’s not just one palette with a weird JSON issue. I just hav a couple more questions if you don’t mind.

  • Are you using the Steam version of Aseprite or the standalone version?
  • Have you tried removing and reinstalling the extension? If you do, I’d recommend a fresh download just in case something got corrupted last time!

There’s a button for that on the Palette Preview window. Set the path you want and the extension will remember it.

The extension is developed on Aseprite 1.3.5 and is working on Mac OS Sonoma and Windows 11. I don’t have a Windows 10 machine to test on, but if you’re seeing an error message please post it here.

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Hey PhoenixTamer! Can you give me some more info when you get a second?

  • What version of Windows are you using?
  • What version of Aseprite are you using?
  • What’s the name of the palette you tried to import?
  • Does it only happen with that name, or is it every time?

That’ll help me narrow down the issue. Thanks for the report!

Hmm…it could be that the extension is running into an issue writing to /tmp, which it needs to do in order to collect the output from curl. I’ll try to get a Linux test done this week to see if I can figure out what’s going on. Sorry you’re running into trouble!

Thanks! Much appreciated

Thanks Cap! I’ll keep an eye out!

There's some kind of issue applying this theme to Aseprite (MacOS 12.3). When I click "Apply", the screen just flashes briefly before going back to the default theme. I doubt this is an issue with your theme specifically, but I wanted to put this out there in case anybody else runs into trouble!