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TYSM for your reply! And no, the barrel roll does not change directions, Great idea btw. Your High Score is huge!

Its a game, my second game and my first game jam submission.

Why the heck do you have 2 keyboards? It doesn't work that way. You need one keyboard and one controller

What's your high score? if it's higher than 500, you'll understand why

This game is really great! One of the best games i ever played. Once i got the basics, its was super fun to take down the bosses. But i'm still confused abt the upside down.

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There's a simple trick you can use, that is you can always stick to the sides, most of the time they will be free. To get into the holes, you just have to double tap the key until you get into it, smooth sailing afterwards. I one got 3000 using this method. Hope you try it!

Well, what even is this? 


Thank you so much. This means a lot!

Actually, Yes!

The game was great! Absolutely loved it, but there's the problem of music.

The game is quite bugged, you movements aren't smoot, but you got the spirit. keep it up and you'll become a great game dev in no time!

The game was great! not much originality, but you got the spirit. The control were a bit finicky though, and the visuals could've been better (not saying i don't like it).

The game is almost perfect!


This game isn't bad, but it isn't very good either. the gameplay is okay, but attacking enemies was confusing at first, and i suggest you add some music.

This game is great. and i mean great. the use of the theme is very innovative, and the storyline is great! One suggestion though, please make the html size bigger, it is very small.

This game is unique. Good, but unique. At first i was struggling but i soon got the hang of it and it became a really enjoyable game! The use of the theme is great! 

This game is simple yet great! One thing is the music. There is no music at all! The game would be great if you added some music!

This game is ok, but the controls feel bad, the jump, doesn't look like proper physics, and the music is too screechy, but the idea is great, if you made a better game with the same idea it would work great!

This game is really great! i love how you used the theme and the quotes of the people! 

The game is too bugged, sometimes i can't jump, sometimes i just get stuck and have to restart the game. Would be much better if you could restart the level alone. other than that, love the music and the idea. kinda seems like portal but great game!

How can i finish the second level? i don't seem be able to jump over the wall to the white light.

This game is great! 

It's Really Easy, Try it out a bit more!

Umm... Sometimes my character doesn't respond when i click my mouse. Is there any reason for this?

Thanks! Here's how I made it

This game was great actually! Its Infuriating lol

This is great! It really is impossible for people like me who don't have patience!

This is great! It really is impossible for people like me who don't have patience!