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Lo bajamos recien para actualizarlo! Pronto tendremos una nueva version ;)

wow this looks amazing! great job!

sii jajaja aun le falta trabajo

jajajaj probablemente una protesta te mando el pib a la mierda, nos falto hacer que se pueda reiniciar despues de perder si, pa la update se arregla ;)

Probablemente sea el gobierno tratando de evitar que lo jueguen

buen trabajo cabros! La raja lo retro del juego y bien pulido

Increible experiencia

Hahaha right? Fuck 'em

Buenisimo video! Muchas gracias por jugar y compartir nuestro juego compa :) Toda la suerte del mundo para ti y tu canal!

Exactly! We felt that the invasion and massacre of Jericho led by Josue was way too glorified, so we wanted to show that there actually were people living there with an amazing culture and great advancements that were ahead of their time.

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Yess it's still missing some kind of tutorial. There's a long story of Jericho in the bible and we wanted to show the story from inside. Besides that, we want to add more biblical events and some magic stuff once you build the temple, but didn't have the time to make it now. So keep an eye for updates ;)

Amazing art

At first we thought you meant to write that each level was more exciting than the last, but as we played through the game we understood what you meant. We exited on level 4.

Awesome! Thank you very much :) We'll update it soon with bug fixes and various improvements! So give it a few days ;) Please share your channel with us so we can suscribe

spanish and portuguese for sudakas

What a fun game! Damn those cops...

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epic. can't wait for this game to come out so I can become enlightened

I'm tripping with this art

Tried to play with a friend before realizing it's not really online, kind of disappointed but you got me!

Nice experience, really felt like a dolphin. That waldo surely knows how to hide

You're stealing a top secret suitcase from Hakai, a massive corporation that's destroying the world

Hahah yeah, the controls can be a little tricky at first and you have to play a few times before being able to move smoothly between buildings but once you do it's pure adrenaline

It's about corporation secrecy, isn't that super secret?

Cool atmosphere, but the controls are not very responsive. I didn't know what to do after using the second cable and I'm sure I pressed E on everything

Lovely art! I couldn't get past the first level though :( The last egg seems to be bugged or something, I couldn't catch it