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Positively gorgeous layout that supports the evocative theme. And I always like a risk vs. reward mechanic!

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In times as these
one loves to see
a tale whence pair of star-crossed lovers
glance ’pon what could, mayhaps, have been.

Very cool combination of what it feels like to bump into old friends in a new city or start playing a new MMO/MU*, etc., with a sprinkling of reincarnation and fediverse drama.

I always like some more Dracula stuff. Nice, clean layout, too!

Fun game, great art, and an incredible feat with PICO-8. I learned a lot reading through the dev log!

64-bit Ubuntu here with the same issue, with the following: Exit code 0xffffffffff (-1) for (game)

Look at us, writing about some smaller faction lists!

Nice choice with the epistolary format for a titanic story

This one made me laugh! Great visuals along with the premise

Very folkloric, and the perspective reveal at the end brings some sympathy to havoc, which I dig

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Great respectful mood and character-driven story, and you still got a fight in there! The sympathetic necromancy is very cool.

I like that these orcs use they/them and have trouble keeping track of human genders! Great energy in the dialogue and all around

I hope "too short; want more" means you all liked it and are inspired to take it to the gaming table! I think this is the shortest story in the jam, though, so I'll probably go longer next time to match the rest of the community.

Yeah, a lot of us ended up writing about opening a fortified gate. I'm glad you liked my take on the rats!

Painterly and intimate! But why is the up/down movement so slow compared to turning? It felt constraining, especially in a game where I'm looking down a lot. I like it otherwise!

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The text and lines are frequently obscured (when playing in browser). I like playing it anyway, which says something good about the rest of the design.