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Calliope Rannis

A member registered Jun 20, 2018

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Done the unblocky stuff too! I didn't realise the blocks were from me, oops

Account has been recovered. To clarify, any messages sent were from a while back right? I wanna make sure they aren't still using it somehow .

Happy anniversary! And good luck with any future games you make, because I am certainly looking forward to them! ^w^

Completed ending A! Was a great time, this is exactly the kinda game I adore, figuring everything out from scratch like that. No idea how to get ending B, but I am satisfied with A I think! ^w^

Just 100%ed the game in a whole evening. Was very much worth my time, great job on the excellent puzzling! I got stuck a few times, mostly from very silly assumptions of mine, but overall was a very good time indeed. ^w^

I killed my buddy almost immediately and have no way to get another one, so I guess I will have to merely hear about this game rather than play it. XD

I dunno if reviews are seen here or not, but in case they aren't I will post a comment here too. Thank you for always providing a neat little game to play in the aftermath of every christmas, and I hope you have a happy new year! ^w^

I posted a review on steam already, but I might as well say here that this game was great. I love horrory games that are more about what they make you think rather than just trying to scare you in the moment, and this game deffo fits that catagory! I know there must be another ending behind the Sealed Door, but honestly I feel pretty satisfied with the ending I got already. It feels like a very fitting conclusion to the story, all things considered.

Very well done! ^w^

Aww, this was a cool format change for this finale of the series. New York too, what an appropriate final location for it! :D This has been a lovely little series to play through, and I am very much looking forward to Slice Of Sea too! ^w^

This is a really cool and lovely game! Horror themed without actually being genuinely scary, which is ideal for my delicate flower constitution. XD
I had no idea what to do with the card, so I deleted it in case that did anything. It didn't, and now it is gone. Ah well, My bad I guess! Thank you for the great game!

This is quite the game to play, here at the end of the year. While the events of the world did leak into Where Is 2017, that was more hopeful and funny kinda. A year which could be beaten, that could be replaced with a new, kinder year. 

This game is not like that. This is a year where the threat could be seen (if unintentionally so) right in Where Is 2020, but nobody could have predicted how devastating unleashing this year upon the world could have been. And the year that comes next has no external shell of newness or kindness anymore, but just a blank, ominious stare of unknown potential, for both ill and maybe even good.

In short, even if I'd rather real life hadn't had to write this plot, the way the Where Is Year? games have evolved with time have been quite something indeed. Let's hope 2021 is kinder than it looks, eh?

Awesome! Thank you very much :D

Mouse sensitivity was unfortunately too high for me as well, but the concept of this game is fasinating! I do worry that I might not be able to respond fast enough if any real-time element is involved in this game. This game is tagged as horror - is there jumpscares of any kind involved?

This game is cool, I'm glad someone linked me it! :D

The fandom is big enough at least that any game with Grow-like mechanics will have a comment referring to them. Also we crowdfunded Eyesmaze to help them make more games recently too!

The driver unfortunately appears to already be in it's most updated state. I tried to make it update via the device manager and it said that the current driver was already installed.

Eyesmaze has made more grow games since then, I reccomend checking out the new ones!

I am on PC, there is an error message of "Can't create a OpenGL 3.3 Rendering Context" followed by another message immideiatly after saying "Your system's graphic drivers seem not to support OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 3.0, sorry. :( Godot Engine will self-destruct as soon as you anknowledge this error message" I'm not super sure what details I need to send, but my laptop is a five years old or so samsung, with pretty much everything standard still in place aside from a replaced hard drive.

I just bought this game, but it's unplayable on my laptop. :'(