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i'm really glad to know this resonated with you. it helps me feel less alone too. thank you!!!

thank you!!!!!

<3 thanks so much!

i really appreciate it, thank you!

thank you so much!!!!

the first two were tweets. i think the fourth one will be another thing that is not a game, maybe a graphic package.

It was this tweet!

Nope, neither of those! This is a jam for creating procedures for holding a meeting, check out the full jam description. It's not related to politics!

Hurray! I'm excited to see what you make!

Hi there, there's not! Feel free to use the hashtag to discuss the jam on twitter, though! Is there some community aspect you're hoping to see?

Hi there! I'm going to make the assumption you're bringing this up in good faith. If you take a read through the game, you'll notice that it's about how being LGBTQ+ has a history of being criminalized, and is criminal in many places still today. It's about loving your queer love, despite it being a crime. This game suggests "be gay do crimes" precisely because being gay is a crime itself. It's a great inclusion in this bundle, one could argue, because it points out that not all laws are just, and not all "crimes" should be considered crimes. I hope that helps you understand a bit better, have a nice day!

It's a single-page game in pdf format, so a great way to see a screenshot is to just open the pdf!

This is absolutely amazing, and frankly a zine of cats wearing human face masks is a visual poem, imo.

Hm, that's a good question! Were you planning on making a video game where the player of the game physically sleeps at some point?

Thank you for the feedback, we're updating the rules to clarify.

Nice! Are you thinking of something along the lines of a soundtrack to accompany a tabletop/larp?

Thanks so much!

thanks so much! when i saw that tweet, i knew i had to write a game about it.

Beautiful work. I especially loved "the season of not forgetting."

This is so charming!

Very charming! Reminds me of Wario Ware in all the best ways.

This is so soothing and charming. 💕

Thank so much for your kind words!