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Subhajit Adhikari

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Thank you for playing, If you are asking about the jump height, yes it is the part of the puzzle.

I really enjoyed playing the game. The sound and presentation were excellent and engaging.  I loved that the dice roll decides the ammo count and type of bullet, it was really innovative.

Thank you so much for playing the game and taking time out for writing such a helpful review. Appreciate your effort! yes, the artists did a great job in this game, thanks to them it looks so gorgeous. We'll be working on the other aspects that you have pointed out to further improve the game and in future games.

I'm glad you liked our game! Yes, you are right about the difficulty curve and many things can be improved. We have learned a lot from this game, thanks to great feedback like yours. We will be improving upon those things in future games. :)

Thank you for playing our game and leaving feedback! Yes, maneuvering is the challenging part of the game and was intended. We might give the player more rewards for completing the level, like regaining health once the checkpoint is reached. That way it can be less punishing.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving such a lovely review

Thank you for playing. Yes I agree a map would be a great to the not make the player frustrated for not finding the crystals. 

I'm really happy you loved playing our game. Your feedback is valuable. Thank you :)