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I don't really understand the problem , but I tested it with unity, unreal and godot , seems to work fine, the textures are embeded btw, maybe you just need to extract them if you are using unity ?

hope it helps :)

haha :)

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what ? literaly rewrite your pc ? what engine do you use?(btw I made an update maybe it's because of that ?)

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it's embeded? should work fine ? what engine do you use ? cause it should works perfectly fine on unity godot or unreal

yes i saw it , that's great , hope it reach the goal !!

thanks ! you have a lot of projects, i hope it will be a huge success aswell :) 

thanks for you kind comment :)

I hope your game will be a great success !!!

can't wait to see that :)


Hello Yuss, this is amazing!!! thank you for using my assets,
yes i have translated your article , that's a lot of work btw, well done 
if you want you can send me the link of your game , would be very happy to play it :)

btw your discord link don't work , you may be need to use the "Invite" link(and it's the same for the discord link on your twitter bio)
Again thank you so much for using my assets :) 

well played dude :) thanks for playing :)

happy to help, i'm not an expert of unity either haha, that's why there's was some errors :) thanks for using my assets , have a nice too :=)

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you need to extract the textures and materials if you using fbx in unity, you can go to the inspector, on materials tab , extract textures and materials , a window will pop up and you just need to click fix now :) that's all have a nice day.
'(if you don't see the image right click and open it in a new tab)

if you have more questions i recommend to ask it in the discord server for faster anwsers : 

so is it working? fbx should worked fine ?

ok i uploaded the files fbx files should work fine in unity , glb don't know ;)

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ok, i fixed it , i will upload the files maybe tomorrow or next days :)thanks for the bug report

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hmm interesting , does it return the same error for every model ? rml ?

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Yes, it works, i recommend using glb  format to not re-setup all the materials.

I already removed cc0 mention :) happy new year dude :)

you're right, but why you want to resell it as it ? put it in a game ? I actually didn't knew that,
so for example : you're telling me that i can resold all the kenney assets and publish it here or on another site without any problems? if yes, then this license is a big problem 
what I wanted is : people can use it on personal and commercialy projects without crediting me cause i just want people use my assets easily , but i don't want it to be resold as it.

for the sketchfab license i just made it because i don't want IA take my models (even if they are not good hahahha)

Hey styloo, I made a little cheap animation with this asset pack, thanks(even if it's me hahaha) , 
guys don't be shy , if you want you can show your works on the comment section :)

happy it worked, I hope my assets helps you :) good luck for your projects 

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did you import fbx or glb file ? 
 i recommend using glb files since gltf can be imported easily on unreal 

go to your plugins , and enable GLTF IMPORTER , should be in built plugin :)

edit: no need no enable anything  it's already enabled , just drag in it :)

also I recommend to enable the combine static mesh when importing for some objects like for example the keyboard which have parented objects in it , but since unreal don't parent them automaticaly u will to parent it manualy, so if you enable combine static mesh it will merge it to one object, i don't know if there's a option to importing with the childs objects, if you know something guys pls tell me hahhaahhahha 

That's very cool :) 

but i have a suggestion when searching , what about separating categories like if someone search for a game assets he should find only game assets, if he searched music he will only find music , that would be so great if you can add this leafo; I don't know how hard it is to implement but i think it's the one of best feature you can add, i think.

I hope it helps a lot of "students" haha, thanks for your kin,d comment :) 

that would be interesting, thanks to you :)

happy if that helps you


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it's been a while since this asset come out , i don't guarantee that topology is good , maybe some the big axe is not usable for sure , the others are still correct i think  :) thanks for your kind comment really apreiciated

nice art bruh

is this ai ?

2048x2048 , you can separate them using unity :)

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ohhhhhh what a nice prototype dude; you added some really nice fx for shooting and cel shading also looks good, happy that's the animation works tho , i thought it doesn't work in an engine; :)

*btw i re uploaded everything properly with a normal map this time and all maps correctly*

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come twitter and send me screenshots of your problem

oh did you try to render them in orthographic view?

yep of course , it's cc0 you can do whatever you want

oh sorry i misunderstood, yeah blender , here's a tutorial 

u can also make it as pixel

to allign them you just need to render side by side or align them on photoshop/krita

here's a tutorial to extract textures and material

i think you can use unity

; or if you using godot here's a tutorial)

you can also use photoshop or krita 

thanks , even if i don't really think it's a good asset tho :)

nice model dude , really nice details  , vortex inside the hole is really good :)