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That'd be awesome!

Nice conversion! Any chance you can share the source someplace other than bitbucket? Cheers!

Super much appreciate the source as well!

One of my favorite arcade games! Well done!

Thanks! And keep up the good work!

Hey There! Maybe a longshot but any chance you'd be able to include c16 / plus4 support? Obvious differences would be a larger palette and variable software sprites but...

Bit more for the devs but is it possible to add an RSS feed?

Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it after work!

Look forward to it!

Any chance you have vector files for the sprites?

Bummer, but thanks!

Any chance you have the vector file?

Love the style. Any chance you're willing to share the vector art?

Love the music and the fact you guys did this in GameMaker! Kudos on an awesome game!!!

awesome game with that 'just one more game' quality to it.. Awesome stuff! Any chance you'll release the source at some point? What's it written in btw? Game Maker?

Hey There! Love the art style! Any chance you (can) break up art in 'sets' based on palettes? For example, the background would be a single 16 color palette, some of the characters another, etc..

Also, ever try your hand on 2-bpp art?

Err, that doesn't sound right... So yeah, that's a problem :-/

I Disagree :-) That's part of the charm and the way you move through the world. All you need to worry about is what's on the screen. No distractions, just one screen at a time..

Found it! Took long enough..


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Yup, that's the one.. Enemies (for lack of a better word) generally move either just horizontal or vertical. Single screens though. So whenever you reach the edge of the screen everything halts and scroll towards the next one..

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Hey everyone!

I came across a game I really liked but can't find it anymore for the life of me, so hoping somebody can help me out.. From what I remember:

Single screen 'cave' style game with fixed monster patterns (think Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Monty-on-the-run, etc).
Screen scrolls whenever you reach the edge to move to the next screen.
You can pick up rocks and chuck them at enemies but you have a finite amount of them so you need to make sure you collect them after.
Art was pixel art but in 'chunky' style.
Most likely made in GameMaker or similar..
Played it Linux so it supports Linux as well..

Would super appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direcition.


P.S. If anyone can recommend any other games like the ones mentioned before, I'd love to hear about them!

Lovely game! Reminds me a bit of WarioLand..  Well done!

It's generally 16 colors (or 15 + transparency, really) per tile, which means most sets use a single 16-color palette for a particular layer or bunch of sprites. It does cut your colors down a bit but it'd be awesome if it could be mapped that way. I'll have a peek with ProMotion and see if I can remap them... (need to buy one first though :-) )


Quick question about the palettes associated.. Any chance they are / can be mapped into 16 colors? For systems like the Sega Genesis and GBA, most tiles are 16-colors only, so it'd be awesome if they'd fall into that..


Any chance the tiles (and future tile sets) are organized in multiples of 16 color palettes? 

ProMotion from Cosmigo hands down for me ( Although I like the earlier versions better than the latest one. The older versions were pretty much  a replacement for DeluxePaint

Any chance you have an email I can reach you at? 

Awesome game! What's the pixel resolution? 240x180?

Any chance you have the sprites in PNG format? Would love to port this game!

Awesome, addictive game!