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Lovely game! Reminds me a bit of WarioLand..  Well done!

It's generally 16 colors (or 15 + transparency, really) per tile, which means most sets use a single 16-color palette for a particular layer or bunch of sprites. It does cut your colors down a bit but it'd be awesome if it could be mapped that way. I'll have a peek with ProMotion and see if I can remap them... (need to buy one first though :-) )


Quick question about the palettes associated.. Any chance they are / can be mapped into 16 colors? For systems like the Sega Genesis and GBA, most tiles are 16-colors only, so it'd be awesome if they'd fall into that..


Any chance the tiles (and future tile sets) are organized in multiples of 16 color palettes? 

ProMotion from Cosmigo hands down for me ( Although I like the earlier versions better than the latest one. The older versions were pretty much  a replacement for DeluxePaint

Any chance you have an email I can reach you at? 

Awesome game! What's the pixel resolution? 240x180?

Any chance you have the sprites in PNG format? Would love to port this game!

Awesome, addictive game!