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Can’t figure something out? Found a bug? Let me know, I’ll do my best to help out. :)

Pelle (They/them) ✨

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I ran into this same issue. I only encounter this on iOS safari. I got the following error:

Blocked a frame with origin "" from accessing a frame with origin "". Protocols, domains and ports must match.

Hah thanks Mary!✨

I absolutely love this! These lil puzzles are super fun! Like in real bouldering they require many attempts, weird bodily contortions and momentum to solve. The only thing keeping it relatively relaxed is the infinite amount of time you're allowed to take. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Super fun, nicely stylized, funny "AAEH" noises.


The deluxe version comes with some extra colors and a crown 👑. Press & hold on the color field to pick any of the 36 colors.

Oh shit it's sexy... 😳
Looking forward to putting this one to use whenever I'll have time for a game jam again!

Unity! :)

It is stated on the main page, but accidents happen. You can apply for a refund here.

Alright the changes I mentioned are now live. Please update to the latest version.

Much love <3

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Alright got it! I'll make sure to fix this soon. I'll add an invisible wall on that side of the ramp and make sure races finish automatically if they take too long, in order to prevent any future bugs from fucking stuff up. I'll make sure to let you know when the new version is up. Thanks for showing me this. Never thought a ramp would make karts run off a cliff for 10 hours straight...

HAHAHAH Wow! Umm that should probably not be happening... Do you happen to have a clip or a link to their stream so I can see what might be causing it?

Awesome! Looking forward to the release!

Now begins the waiting game ⌚😳...

Hey there!

Actually there is an Autoplay feature! If you just press Escape in-game it should be somewhere on the right.

There's no way to control stuff through chat yet though. Let me know if you have any suggestions :).

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It's texture modding time!

Getting started

Before we start texture modding you'll first need the texture modding template from the game's page (Under downloads).

Inside there's an example texture mod and a template you can use to make your own!

The example is this monochrome-looking texture mod.

Creating a texture mod

If you look inside the "Template" folder, you'll find a bunch of images. These images are textures that the game uses for it's visuals.

So if you want to make your own texture mod, all you need to do it just modify these textures using your software of choice. I'd recommend the Lospec Pixel Editor or Piskel, but honestly MS Paint also does just fine!

Installing a texture mod

Now that you've made some new awesome textures all we need to do is get them in game!

Just start the game like normal, then when everything's loaded just press "F12" on your keyboard to open the "Mods" folder. Here you can simply drop the images from your texture mod to replace built in ones!

Some notes

  • If your keyboard is broken or something just find your game executable and navigate to the following folder: "<Game Executable>\KartsWithChat_Data\Mods" to open the "Mods" folder instead.
  • Keep the names for the images the same as in the template. If you change them the texture mod will not load properly.
  • If you have any questions or something breaks feel free to leave a comment in the Bug Reports And Support Section.

If you encounter anything weird or need help doing... Stuff? Then let me know here!

Alright this is visually absolutely amazing. The procedural generation here is awesome and makes for marvelous worlds to look at. 

It's a bit confusing to get into though. I'm still not sure what the goal here is either but I assume it's got something to do with this super neat planetoid I just got? Despite my confusion this is an absolutely beautiful ploppy townbuilding sandbox. 

Great stuff Mate!

Alright yeah I'm already addicted...
This game is so tiny but absolutely bubblin' with style. Also the soundtrack slaps, anywhere I could find it online?

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Well in brazil there are!

(Brasil número um para sempre!)

I'm afraid not, sorry...

The VR version was made for Oculus Quest devices.

You're far too flattering! Genius is an absolute overstatement but I do definitely hope it'll turn out useful in some of ya projects!

I Just Realized Something About Gaston From "Beauty And The Beast" And It's  Blowing My Mind | Mr bean, Mr bean funny, Funny gif

Exactly like it says on the tin! A super relaxing fishing experience. Also it feels super satisfying to finally be able to catch those big fish at the bottom when you unlock all those upgrades!

Alright. Initially I wasn't convinced.

But when you get to the later levels this is really a headscratcher. The levels are very well thought-out and although the plant system is a bit hard to get used to it does work quite well!

The only problem I have with this game, and the reason I just barely didn't reach the end, is that it's super unforgiving... All your progress is lost when you "die" and after a while it sucks to have to replay levels you've already solved in your mind. I think this game could really benefit from like a "rewind feature", something that preserves your progress regardless of deaths.

Overall a really solid entry though! The music was an absolute banger and really cool that you used SfxO-1!

Super original and shows serious promise!

I had somewhat of a confusing progression through this game though:

  1. First I was like "Shit... What do I even do??? How do I move what?"
  2. Then like "Ahhhhh nevermind I got it I'm just stupid... Wait this is awesome but boi this shit is hard..."
  3. Then I figured out you can put the game into screensaver mode by launching yourself once and then just not doing anything as you watch your baby get an epic world record high-score DVD style.

Either way. Super fun! Please lower the age rating so that actual babies could also play and really cool that you used SfxO-1!

22! World recordddd!!!!

"Truely an amazing concept ol' chap if I do say so myself, if only all televised shows were constructed as such..."
- Me in a tuxedo with my trusty tophat and monocle

Lame jokes aside this trash is awesome! It's super fun, well themed and a real masterclass in dithering. My only "criticism" is that I wish it lasted longer... 



I'm trying so hard but I just can't beat it... That score is legendary...

I certainly hope so! I decided to publish ahead of time for that reason. Hopefully it'll help people squeeze in some last minute SFX!

Frick yeah!

Thanks for the effort! 😊

That font is awesome!
Do you happen to have its name

Sorry but I'm currently not planning on releasing FroggieChat on iOS... The process is a bit too much hassle to consider it right now, but if demand for an iOS/OSX version increases I'll reconsider :).

If I do ever visit an airport again I'll take my DS, Hopefully we'll run into each other someday :)!