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Stuffed Wombat

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hacks :P
the walls have the "shadow casting" behaviour and cast shadows on a layer that is above the gameplay layer.
then i apply a "replace color" to the shadow layer to change the shadow from black to whatever color i need it to be!


(same ^^)

i think its because this was one of the earliest games that got submitted?

yepp, exactly!

thats the credits screen :))

Spoilers: I would not have had a weekend :P

yes! yay!

sure, somehow its always possible.
this game is done though, am not gonna work on it anymore :)

eeeeeh kinda

i had to write a weird custom collision thing for this mechanic to work, so it feels finnicky in a slightly wrong way imo :)

thats the way it should work

nah this goal requires you to have only 1 attached!

yepp, congrats!


the AI text to speech thing takes the accent directly from your browsers language settings, i do not speak polish :))

this was made with construct 3 :)


^^ i mean i guess i have the source code SOMEWHERE, but the engine i used only exports to flash :/

afaik, newgrounds has a piece of software that allows you to play flashgames!

Sry :))
(also i dont have a discord for my games, sry)


flash was murdered!
i dont have the source files anymore, this was made like 3 laptops ago ^^

this is rly cool!

will check it out :)))

thanks for the bug reports!!

happy Birthday and thanks a lot!

send me a dm on twitter pls :)

<3 <3 <3

yeah sorry, it stoes the save data somewhere deep, deep inside the pc .(

aww thanks!

console release would have to include switch, yeah :))
but its not gonna happen super duper soon, sadly :/

thank you so much :))

it isnt.


wow, thanks!

was that your first time playing? Bc wew, you are pretty fast ^^

sadly not really :(

Apple makes it extremely hard to publish on their OS and we can not jump through all of their weird requirements.

at some point qomp will come to mobile and consoles though, if thats any consolation!

qomp is finally out!

4 years ago this was a browser game, then i got fucked over by a publisher and now, finally, we are releasing the game.

In qomp, you use one button to control the ball on its journey to freedom.

It might look a little weird, but I am confident that it will surprise and delight you. It is not a hard game and saying any more about it would spoil the experience.


i think back in the day when i made this i researched the original snake controls and this is what i found?

not sure, but yeah, sry.
i think its horrible to control as well :))

oh damm!

tbh i am also stuck in my build!
like, idk how to fix it myself.

its somehow related to save game stuff, ill try to check it out in february, rn i am super duper busy, sry!

games are now my fulltime job(s), so i can not really afford  to spend a lot of my free time on the games that i release for free :))

Oh noooo!

Sorry, i missed this, didnt check itch notifications in ages :((((
thanks for covering it though!





*frog hopping 


hehe i think its just a bug ^^

but its also a good explanaition of what an endless mode is ^^

congrats, you have already unlocked endless mode ;)

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360 is a roughly 5 minute long experimental game that you can play in your browser right now!

360 is about time and how we perceive it and was made in about two days for Ludum dare 47 by FranekBrodoux & me.
We hope you will enjoy this brief trip and wish you a happy day :))

play 360

yeah sry bout that.
construct 3 does that for some bad reason, but u can just go fullscreen to avoid that!


construct 2 :)