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I would, but since some other people i know and myself can not purchase anything on itch for lack of a credit card i linked to steam!


Secend is a Minit fangame.
You die every second.
Its super short :)

Hm, I guess you could blame me for mentioning mac in the description at some point :)

please send me an email to, I will send you the html build when it is done!

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Snong is a hmtl 5 mashup of Snake and Pong for 1-2 players.
Its fun, pls feature it :)

Downloadable executables coming tomorrow.

I am sorry, I have been looking into it and i do not know how to fix it.
Until I know how to do it, I will remove Apple Version from the games page.

Please email me at thestuffedwombat[at], I will send you a hmtl5 build of the game!
Sorry for the inconvinience :(

Ok, it should be fixed now :)

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hey thanks for the report!
The problem is that the access to the debug tools was not properly disabled by me!
1-0 act as teleporters through the worlds, so you should be able to get your progress back by pressing 2!

Sorry for that and thanks for the readme.txt idea, it is super smart :)
I will roll out a fix for this tomorrow!

thanks again!

Hey, thanks :)

Shit 3 is now available for 2 dollars

It is a tiny platformer with 100 levels and 10 really good songs!
It is controlled with only 2 buttons, left and right and you can only walljump!

There are Windows and Linux builds available!
I hope you have a fun time with this game, if you enconter any bugs, please let me know :)


I already tried that, seems like you have your DMs closed?
there is no button for me to message you :)

also, thanks!

heyo, i have some questions!
is there any way i can contact you?

wow that was super quick!

works now and i love the adaptive soundtrack!
Just wanna hang out near ducks now, they are the coolest :)

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i am gettin this error message when i execute the exe:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object SETTINGS:

gamepad_axis_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_SETTINGS_Create_0


I would love a link to the ld page of this so i can vote :)

This is, quite frankly, one of the best things I played this year.

awesome game with clever puzzles!

i really enjoyed this, but in level 4, after i unlocked the door, my character suddenly dissapeared, the level changed t the next one, but my character didnt spawn.

I like that idea.
It could lead to a rivalry between hackers as well, making the game engaging on a completely different level for them :)

Maybe you could also enable people to have a short message that gets displayed for the player that tries to beat their score?

I was also late and i also could not connect to the irc chat. well, they are probably busy working on something for the global game jam (there is also no stream tonight)

oh and i cant play your game, it just keeps loading forever