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"every wall" is a playable poem about a child who wants to walk on every wall.
It takes about 5 minutes to play / read
I think its really neat :)

a gif

huh damm...

I think thats the savefile bug i could never fix :(

sorry, i think the only thing u can do is reinstall the game :((((

i dont agree but thats ok :)

thanks for all your feedback!

because it allows you to switch between all levles.
Its practice for speedrunnning :P

yeah those unlock when you beat the game normally :D



hey thanks!

yeah, i fucked up some of the bigger picture design with this one!
i dont rly have time to fix it rn tho :)

thanks for the feedback!!



thanks, but i just realised that i forgot to actually submit this on the LD homepage lol

Will check your game out tomorrow :D

you jump to the left top and then DONT jump ;)

i like it!


- Playing field feels to big
- I have a hard time reading the gamestate. How much health I have, if i can kill an enemie, etc etc
- I do not like the randomness of enemie abilities. Would prefer if they were telegraphed (like, if I move the row of cards that a bunny is on, it gains Hop)
(wups, seems like the abilities are consistent! Didn notice that at first!)
- Other than that, the only thing I would like to have is a concrete goal ;)




loved the sounds and visuals :D

looking forward to post jam update!

i forgot :O

wew this got too complicated for my tiny brain, but up until i was too dumb it was great!



that was my intention.
i made only one mistake!

they do....

but in reverse ;)

since you stay on the same "floor" if you fail a level, it would not be beneficial to a smooth experience to have the next level (after failing) be HARDER than the previous level.
that would kick you into a horrible loop of being too bad to beat a level & then getting presented an even harder one!

or wait...

were you talking about the whole structure of having only one try per level??


They took something from you.

everything else is a very fast paced topdown shooter, shamelessly borrowing from hotline miami, ape out and some other games.
how fast you beat the levels has a dramatic influence on wether or not you will get your other half back.

I am very proud of this game tbh :D

huh yeah, these seem to be common issues :/

the goal is to actiavte the doors & then escape. there are arrows in the rooms that point to where you have to go :D

hope this helps (if not hmu again ^^)

Dancer is a tiny dancing simulater.
You can use it for whatever you want. Put it in a disco, try to make some cool moves to your favourite song or just try to figure out how exactly it controls.
There are windows & linux builds, as well as a browser version.

DANCE DANCE DANCE by clicking here

enjoy :D

Oh no worries, i can understand that :D

OK, thanks for buying and playing as far as you got!
Have a great day lman!


Ok, so there is a bit of a problem :/

The lastest build I could find of this is missing a few polishing things.
The levels are all there & I think I fixed your loading bug, but its missing title screens and stuff like that :/

Its the only thing I can send you right now, but ill keep digging for the master build. I know I have it somewhere....
I should really add a sticker on this game, saying that it has a few problems & that i can find the build anymore!

What platform are you on?
Or do you want a hmtl5 version?



oh wow, this is fucked.
probably a save file issure, things like this happen when the game loads a scene but doesnt start it.

I will look for my files of the game and then send you a fixed build!

thanks for playing so far :D

I would, but since some other people i know and myself can not purchase anything on itch for lack of a credit card i linked to steam!

Secend is a Minit fangame.
You die every second.
Its super short :)

Hm, I guess you could blame me for mentioning mac in the description at some point :)

please send me an email to, I will send you the html build when it is done!

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Snong is a hmtl 5 mashup of Snake and Pong for 1-2 players.
Its fun, pls feature it :)

Downloadable executables coming tomorrow.

I am sorry, I have been looking into it and i do not know how to fix it.
Until I know how to do it, I will remove Apple Version from the games page.

Please email me at thestuffedwombat[at], I will send you a hmtl5 build of the game!
Sorry for the inconvinience :(

Ok, it should be fixed now :)

(1 edit)

hey thanks for the report!
The problem is that the access to the debug tools was not properly disabled by me!
1-0 act as teleporters through the worlds, so you should be able to get your progress back by pressing 2!

Sorry for that and thanks for the readme.txt idea, it is super smart :)
I will roll out a fix for this tomorrow!

thanks again!

Hey, thanks :)

Shit 3 is now available for 2 dollars

It is a tiny platformer with 100 levels and 10 really good songs!
It is controlled with only 2 buttons, left and right and you can only walljump!

There are Windows and Linux builds available!
I hope you have a fun time with this game, if you enconter any bugs, please let me know :)


I already tried that, seems like you have your DMs closed?
there is no button for me to message you :)

also, thanks!

heyo, i have some questions!
is there any way i can contact you?

wow that was super quick!

works now and i love the adaptive soundtrack!
Just wanna hang out near ducks now, they are the coolest :)

(1 edit)

i am gettin this error message when i execute the exe:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object SETTINGS:

gamepad_axis_value argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)
at gml_Object_SETTINGS_Create_0


I would love a link to the ld page of this so i can vote :)

This is, quite frankly, one of the best things I played this year.