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Stuffed Wombat

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Posted in Unlit comments

I would love a link to the ld page of this so i can vote :)

Posted in W.I.P. comments

This is, quite frankly, one of the best things I played this year.

awesome game with clever puzzles!

i really enjoyed this, but in level 4, after i unlocked the door, my character suddenly dissapeared, the level changed t the next one, but my character didnt spawn.

I like that idea.
It could lead to a rivalry between hackers as well, making the game engaging on a completely different level for them :)

Maybe you could also enable people to have a short message that gets displayed for the player that tries to beat their score?

I was also late and i also could not connect to the irc chat. well, they are probably busy working on something for the global game jam (there is also no stream tonight)

oh and i cant play your game, it just keeps loading forever