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Stuffed Wombat

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wish i could pin replies :))

oooh u meant the clock thingy!

glad it worked out in the end :))

 i think this is an issue on your end. Ive never had ppl mention loading times before and it loads instantly for me! sry tho

thats the idea for the sequel :))

aw thanks <3

BADABUM is one of my favourites as well ^^


did you eventually get it to work?

afaik there is no way to only delete data, youd have to delete everything.
but tbh, i made this game so long ago, i do not have the files anymore and cant really check anything, sry!


very very very very VERY cool!

this is SO good.
the camera zoom on death, the sustained physics driven beating of the house, the ending slides... ach!
great stuff!

Losses: embarrassing
bleebo: sad :,(

very cool game tho, wait i tried one more time and got a straight line level AND lucked out on my keyboard stroke! bleebo is happy, yay!

very nice game! especially kicking the boxes around half the level and then destroying the last snake makes it super satisfying!

in the level where i was supposed to "down+LMB", the controls seemed to not work and I could not actually go down through there no matter how much I tried and had to stop playing!

the only horror is related to missing deadlines, and so there will not be any jumpscares, because you always know that the deadline is approaching you are just ignoring it until it is so close... too... close.

It's related to some generally good news, but sadly thats all i can say about it rn!

oh wow, i totally forgot to reply, sry

i was using the ligth source & shadow system!

hacks :P
the walls have the "shadow casting" behaviour and cast shadows on a layer that is above the gameplay layer.
then i apply a "replace color" to the shadow layer to change the shadow from black to whatever color i need it to be!


(same ^^)

i think its because this was one of the earliest games that got submitted?

yepp, exactly!

thats the credits screen :))

Spoilers: I would not have had a weekend :P

yes! yay!

sure, somehow its always possible.
this game is done though, am not gonna work on it anymore :)

eeeeeh kinda

i had to write a weird custom collision thing for this mechanic to work, so it feels finnicky in a slightly wrong way imo :)

thats the way it should work

nah this goal requires you to have only 1 attached!

yepp, congrats!


the AI text to speech thing takes the accent directly from your browsers language settings, i do not speak polish :))

this was made with construct 3 :)


^^ i mean i guess i have the source code SOMEWHERE, but the engine i used only exports to flash :/

afaik, newgrounds has a piece of software that allows you to play flashgames!

Sry :))
(also i dont have a discord for my games, sry)


flash was murdered!
i dont have the source files anymore, this was made like 3 laptops ago ^^

this is rly cool!

will check it out :)))

thanks for the bug reports!!

happy Birthday and thanks a lot!

send me a dm on twitter pls :)

<3 <3 <3

yeah sorry, it stoes the save data somewhere deep, deep inside the pc .(

aww thanks!

console release would have to include switch, yeah :))
but its not gonna happen super duper soon, sadly :/

thank you so much :))

it isnt.