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That's really useful feedback. I am definitely looking into improving the rooms, as for the camera I'll have to think about it first since there were a few reasons for doing it that way in the first place.

Thanks for the suggestion,
I also agree on both cases, and am rather lost with that big question of "Something to keep me playing". 
Currently trying to think up new mechanics and revising current ones perhaps that may help to answer the question.

Thanks for the input, really appreciate it!
Since the game has plot I wasn't sure how much I should be revealing for the alpha so that's why content is very lacking ^^"
As for being confused I was trying to go for freedom of player exploration but it's rather tricky to do.

General comments for the game because we can't have both comments and a discussion board on

LoveLess Alpha community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Any suggestions or thoughts regarding the game currently.

What you loved or hated about it, whether it was the mechanics, writing, or music.

It would be very helpful to us as long as it's actual criticism on the game.

LoveLess Alpha community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

If possible report what you had done right before so that it can be easier to identify and fix.