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Hi there! Of course you can make a video about our game! Knock yourself out!

Hi Kitsune! Good to know you are enjoying the game so far. Of course you can make videos about our game, knock yourself out!

- Lucas

Hi Panda! Thank you so much for your gameplay and feedback. Some of the issues you mentioned aren't new for us, and we'll be continuing to work on them soon. Have a great day!

Hi Beep Bop, I don't fully understand the question. We have three different builds listed on our page, for Linux, Windows and Mac, so you can pick the build that fits with your operating system. Does that solve the problem, or is there something else? Let me know! - Maya

Hi everyone!

Our adventure-sandbox Boodunnit?! is now in early access! In this game, you play as Boolia, a ghost who must solve the mystery of her own murder, together with her sister Emmie! To do this, you have a number of ghostly abilities, such as levitation, possession, and dashing through walls!

Please play it and let us know what you think, so we can make it better & better! Click here to check out our itch page!

You can also stay up to date on all things Boodunnit?! by checking out our TwitterInstagram, Facebook, and community Discord!

Thanks for reading :)