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We're still working on it! You can find our latest update on the game here:

Hi Lex, check out the fan-translation thread on the Steam Community page for Nekojishi. There was a Russian fan-translation, but I'm not too sure if it's available anywhere now.

Hi there! You can find information on how to redownload your purchase from the page here:

We're currently working on a sequel to Nekojishi which is coming to the Nintendo Switch! (as well as PC) However, we don't have any games on the Nintendo Switch currently or in the past. If you're interested in keeping up to date on news about the game, I would recommend following our Twitter/Facebook for announcements.

Hey there, latest news is back in august we decided to push the game back to 2022 so we can continue to have more time to work on it. You can read more here and on the blog linked in the tweet.

Thanks for your interest!

Hi there! We never produced an Android version of the game, but you can find a fan-port if you look around on the internet. Thanks for the question!

Hi there! There's several endings to the game but only one true one! The game itself is complete but an epilogue is added in the expansion pack DLC. Additionally, we're currently working on the sequel to the game called Nekojishi: Lin & Partners!

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Hi there! Right now we don't have any plans to release an Android version of the game. If we were to do a mobile version, we'd want to adapt the game and UI properly to widescreen and touch controls. Apologies we can't make the game available on your platform, but for now our team has moved onto new projects so we hope you look forward to those!

Hi there! We don't have an official guide but you should be able to find one on the Steam community guides for the game: Hope that helps! 👏

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Welcome to the Nekojishi discussion board!

If you came here looking for more Nekojishi, check out the DLC for the game Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny DayNekojishi Voice Pack - Chinese, and Nekojishi Original Soundtrack! The expansion pack adds new artwork and an epilogue story and the voice pack adds full voice acting to the game.

You can also follow what we're up to on our Twitter, Facebook, and join our Discord to ask questions directly to the team.

You can also support us on Patreon for behind the scenes blogs and concept art from our current projects, including our card game Astatos and the upcoming sequel Nekojishi: Lin & Partners for PC & Nintendo Switch!

Discussion Board Rules

In addition to the Community Guidelines, we would like to request that discussions here are kept SFW as the game and our discussion groups are enjoyed by many under the age of 18. As such, any NSFW content or links to that content posted will be deleted by a moderator.

About the Nekojishi Limited Edition

The Nekojishi Limited Edition was a non-canon 18+ bonus patch developed as a part of the original crowdfunding of  the game. In March 2020, we reviewed the content of the Limited Edition and, after taking into account how our team and the community felt about the content, we made the difficult decision to remove the Limited Edition from distribution on our official channels. The version of Nekojishi available here and on Steam is the original version of the game and contains the full story in its entirety.

Why Switch to the Discussion Board?

In that past we had standard comments available on this page but any frequently asked questions would quickly be buried over time as new comments came in. We hope by switching to the discussion board we can allow players to more easily find help and have more focused discussion surrounding the game. Your old comments may be now hidden but we hope you all enjoy the new place to talk about the game!

- Studio Klondike

Sorry about that, we can't ensure the safety of any external links in our comments so we had to remove it. Don't worry, no harm done! 😸

Hey everyone, we haven't checked the comments here in a while but looks like a lot of you are interested in the Limited Edition patch we chose to no longer distribute earlier this year. You can see the find details about this below:

In March 2020, we reviewed the content of the Limited Edition and made the difficult decision to remove the Limited Edition from distribution on our official channels. Rest assured that the original version of Nekojishi is still available through our official channels, and represents the original version of the game in its entirety. Thank you for your understanding.

(NB: We don't mind you guys sharing the patch privately but we see it may be a privacy concern to post your contact details in the comments here.)

Thanks for playing the game and all the support! 👏

While there seems to be a fan made android version we don't officially support it and making an android build isn't in the plans right now. Thanks for your interest though! 👏

Hi there! On you should be able to force the resolution dialogue box to pop up by holding alt (or shift if that doesn't work) while opening the game. Hope that helps you out!

Hi there! On Mac you should be able to force the resolution dialogue box to pop up by holding alt (or shift if that doesn't work) while opening the game. Hope that helps you out!

Hi there, the game was released as a complete story and all planned content has been released for it. (Including the voice over DLC and epilogue DLC) Feel free to download the game for free and we hope you enjoy the story! 👏

Hi Wilo961, there's no NSFW scenes in the Nekojishi base game or DLC. Thanks for asking and hope you enjoy the game!

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Our team has moved onto other projects such as our tabletop card game Astatos and the sequel, Nekojishi: Lin & Partners which has been in planning since the release of the DLC packs in 2018. As such, we don't have the ability to make this happen at the current time. Thanks for your interest though! 👏 

I apologise that we can't put forth a specific response on this, but I can say we take all feedback into consideration. Right now we don't have any plans to return to the original game but it's mostly out of a lack of manpower and resources rather than not wanting to give players what they want.

Hi WoomyOwO, since the game is made using the Ren'Py game engine, support for mobile platforms is possible, however doing so without adapting the UI and resolution wouldn't be up to our quality standards. As we've moved onto other projects including the sequel, there's currently no plans to return to do this. Thanks for your feedback and for playing the game in the past!

Hi Komamura, while it would be possible to release the game on Android technically, taking a game that's in 4:3 and with UI only designed for PC and putting it straight on the platform wouldn't be up to our quality standards. As much as we'd like to, we don't have the resources to work on this and we've moved onto other projects. Thank you so much for your feedback and for playing the game.

Hi Case34, currently we don't have any plans to bring the game to Android.

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Hi TMNT252, Nekojishi is completely SFW. Previously an adult patch existed, however we have since decided to cease distribution of this content. Rest assured that the base Nekojishi game represents the full and complete experience for the Nekojishi story. Thanks for your interest.

Hi Cylerlord, could you give us a few more details about how it crashed and what you did leading up to it?

Hi there!

The downloads on are only for Windows, macOS, and Android. If you want to install the game on iOS & iPadOS, you'll have to do so for free from the App Store itself. Thanks for your interest in the game!

Hi there! Sorry we haven't had the chance to reply until now but could you give us a bit more detail regarding the issue on your end? (Device, android version, & what happens when you start the game)

Hi Maximilian.

The game should save your progress into your playthrough each time you make a decision and when you close the game. While the game is intended to be played in real time, a Skip Mode toggle exists in the settings menu to disable this. (available once reaching the normal or true ending on mobile, or from the beginning of the game on PC) Skip Mode removes the waiting times between messages (excluding typing) allowing you to complete a single playthrough of the game in a single sitting. If you have any further questions, be sure to let us know! (And sorry for taking so long to get back to you, been a busy few months on our end)

Hi Wolf! From the sounds of it, it's a side-effect of how the game was designed very early on. Basically at real time we can only really control the longer responses from skipping. If the time to respond was really short to begin with (If I remember it's about <20-30 seconds) , that means the scene has priority and will advance even if you close the game or pause it. We try our best to hint that some stuff like that may be coming up but unfortunately there's nothing we can do to make the timer pause button override this priority advance without rewriting a significant portion of the game code.

Thanks for your feedback in any case! 👏

Hi Rokie!

A little late, but to answer your question; it's not possible to miss any messages unless you leave the game for over a day. (Then Beek stops waiting and the story will advance to the next response and the day long timer will begin again.)

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Hi Maximilian!

While we recommend you play through the game on your own for your first playthrough, we've also put together an ending guide for the game.

Thanks for playing, and good luck getting the true ending! 👏

Hi there! The game has a bunch of endings so if you haven't gone for those I would recommend starting again and giving it another shot. 👏

At the moment it'll be text only but we'll be able to do VA if we manage to hit our next stretch goal in the Kickstarter. Thanks for the interest! 👏

There's some fan service in there but no NSFW content in this one. (It's on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store after all!)

Hi there! Nekojishi was completed in 2017 with a DLC pack released in 2018. If you want to keep up to date with our current projects in development follow us on Twitter!

Thanks for enjoying our game! We're definitely working on something new that we hope to be able to share with everyone in the coming months. Best bet to keep up to date is to follow our Facebook ( and Twitter (@NekojishiTW) for all the latest announcements! 

Thanks for being a champ and removing the spoilers! Hope you enjoyed the game! 😺

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Hi there, these CG's are a part of the Nekojishi Expansion Pack: A Sunny Day which you can buy here. ( For spoiler reasons it would be appreciated if you remove the images from your post since this appears right under the game and contains an image from right at the end of the game! Thanks for your interest. Feel free to email us at if you have any further questions!