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Thanks for letting us know, Vincent. We have some fixes and enhancements coming soon so we will make sure to address that!

Hi there! The Silver Spoon Caper features free and publicly available jazz standards - including some from Hoagy Carmichael who is from our home city.

Our Trailer music is "Not On The Bus" by the US Army Blues. From the album "Live at Blues Alley"

Hi! We have had players do it and said they enjoyed it!

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Yes! The original, paper based version of game was played by teams of players in a competitive manner. We removed the competition aspect but The Silver Spoon Caper works well as a cooperative puzzle solving experience. 

The game is also family friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you play as a group we'd love to hear how it worked for you.

Hi! We aren't currently planning on a mobile port, but we will keep your feedback in mind as we make future plans.

Hi!  Thanks for the feedback. We aren't currently planning a mobile port but if there's enough interest we will consider it. In the mean time, if you have iOS you might want to check out our other game Diorama Detective!

Hi Donald! Sorry for the late reply - I forgot to turn off "development" when we launched. No extension is currently planned at this time except for any bug fixes or puzzle adjustments we might need to make from feedback.

We proudly present an evening's entertainment featuring Harriet Lane, Private Eye. 

The Silver Spoon Caper began life as a face-to-face, large-scale puzzle experience for 2 to 100 players. Two studios from Bloomington, Indiana  Studio Cypher and The Code and Key Escape Rooms have teamed up to bring this noir detective mystery to you!

In this roughly hour-long experience, you will solve a variety of brain teasing puzzles and encounter interesting characters as you track down the masterminds of the impending heist!

Although the puzzles are designed for adults, the game is family-friendly and is an engaging multi-generational experience.

View the game at:

And see our announce trailer here: